Key to short hands:

Rough Guide to Seasons
1-3 = Summer
4-6 = Autumn
7-9 = Winter
10-13 = Spring

Month 6
Date Weather Events
01/06/07 14'C, clear skies but cold winds n/a
02/06/07 15'C, overcast and misty n/a
03/06/07 14'C, damp some light rain Rest Day
04/06/07 13'C, rain throughout day Threadfall: DMH, evening
05/06/07 13'C, thunderstorms n/a
06/06/07 12'C, skies clear by zenith n/a
07/06/07 14'C, damp and foggy n/a
08/06/07 15'C, windy but fairly warm n/a
09/06/07 13'C, clear skies chilly wind Veranth's clutch hatches
10/06/07 16'C, light drizzle but still warm Rest Day
11/06/07 17'C, very warm and wet n/a
12/06/07 15'C, tropical storm starts Threadfall: NH, pm
13/06/07 15'C, tropical storm n/a
14/06/07 14'C, storm clears before end of day n/a
15/06/07 13'C, some clear skies but very cold wind n/a
16/06/07 12'C, gale force winds n/a
17/06/07 12'C, windy cold and wet Rest Day, Threadfall: LW, zenith
18/06/07 14'C, cool winds some light drizzle n/a
19/06/07 16'C, warm and humid n/a
20/06/07 13'C, cold southerly winds move in n/a
21/06/07 14'C, rain throughout day n/a
22/06/07 13'C, scattered showers brief sunny spells n/a
23/06/07 12'C, more rain n/a
24/06/07 10'C, ice frost and cold breath Rest Day, Threadfall: CRH, am
25/06/07 10'C, light hail later on n/a
26/06/07 14'C, clear skies some scattered showers n/a
27/06/07 15'C, rain throughout day n/a
28/06/07 16'C, clear skies no wind Threadfall: DMH, dawn
29/06/07 14'C, wind returns midday cooling the air n/a

Month 7
Date Weather Events
01/07/07 10'C, cold wind some showers n/a
02/07/07 12'C, scattered showers little wind Rest Day
03/07/07 14'C, wet and windy n/a
04/07/07 13'C, overcast some scattered showers n/a
05/07/07 13'C, scattered showers Flit clutch hatches
06/07/07 12'C, cold, windy and damp n/a
07/07/07 10'C, frosty early on with some mist Threadfall: NH, pm
08/07/07 11'C, mist and fog throughout day n/a
09/07/07 11'C, cold winter's day Rest Day
10/07/07 12'C, cold and wet n/a
11/07/07 13'C, slightly warmer by mid day, no rain n/a
12/07/07 12'C, scattered showers Threadfall: LW, zenith
13/07/07 10'C, cold wind, some rain n/a
14/07/07 11'C, chill wind, fog n/a
15/07/07 9'C, frost, some little hail n/a
16/07/07 10'C, cold rain all day Rest Day
17/07/07 11'C, thunderstorm n/a
18/07/07 10'C, thunderstorm n/a
19/07/07 13'C, clear skies, still cold Threadfall: CRH, am
20/07/07 15'C, slightly warmer than rest of month n/a
21/07/07 12'C, wet and rainy n/a
22/07/07 10'C, cold and windy n/a
23/07/07 12'C, howling winds, no rain Rest Day, Threadfall: DMH, dawn
24/07/07 11'C, scattered showers n/a
25/07/07 10'C, rain throughout day n/a
26/07/07 9'C, frost and ice n/a
27/07/07 8'C, ice, some fog and mist n/a
28/07/07 10;C, misty and foggy n/a
29/07/07 11'C, cold winter's day n/a

Month 8
Date Weather Events
01/08/07 8'C, sudden drop in temperature at zenith Rest Day
02/08/07 9'C, the sky opens, tropical storm Threadfall: NH, am
03/08/07 6'C, cold and windy constant rain n/a
04/08/07 6'C, gale force winds and showers n/a
05/08/07 8'C, scattered showers, humid n/a
06/08/07 7'C, thunderstorms n/a
07/08/07 10'C, break in clouds, and rain Threadfall: LW, pm
08/08/07 11'C, clear skies still cold Rest Day
09/08/07 9'C, cold and windy n/a
10/08/07 8'C, scattered showers n/a
11/08/07 7'C, rain storms on and off n/a
12/08/07 5'C, gale force winds and storms n/a
13/08/07 5'C, thunderstorms n/a
14/08/07 6'C, rain storms throughout day Threadfall: CRH, dawn
15/08/07 8'C, moist and humid day Rest Day
16/08/07 9'C, cold bright with early fog during the day n/a
17/08/07 10'C, clear skies with winter sun n/a
18/08/07 12'C, slightly warmer no rain Threadfall: DMH, dawn
19/08/07 8'C, humid and wet n/a
20/08/07 6'C, scattered showers n/a
21/08/07 5'C, tropical downpour n/a
22/08/07 6'C, scattered downpours Rest Day
23/08/07 7'C, scattered showers n/a
24/08/07 8'C, wet and humid n/a
25/08/07 9'C, slightly warmer still raining n/a
26/08/07 10'C, cloudy but dryer Threadfall: NH, pm
27/08/07 11'C, clear skies cold wind n/a
28/08/07 8'C, wet and humid n/a
29/08/07 7'C, scattered showers Rest Day

Month 9
Date Weather Events
01/09/07 8'C, scattered showers n/a
02/09/07 9'C, cold and rainy Threadfall: LW, am
03/09/07 10'C, humid and wet n/a
04/09/07 12'C, fog early morning clearing later n/a
05/09/07 13'C, scattered showers n/a
06/09/07 10'C, misty and humid n/a
07/09/07 10'C, tropical downpour Rest Day
08/09/07 11'C, wet and humid n/a
09/09/07 9'C, scattered showers Threadfall: CRH, zenith
10/09/07 14'C, clear skies brief sun n/a
11/09/07 13'C, winter sun chill wind n/a
12/09/07 12'C, wet and rainy n/a
13/09/07 12'C, scattered showers Threadfall: DMH, am
14/09/07 14'C, clear skies cold wind Rest Day
15/09/07 15'C, clear skies humidity less n/a
16/09/07 13'C, warm showers in morning n/a
17/09/07 12'C, brief winter sun n/a
18/09/07 10'C, scattered showers n/a
19/09/07 9'C, tropical downpour n/a
20/09/07 8'C, storms and thunder n/a
21/09/07 10'C, scattered showers Rest Day, Threadfall: NH, pm
22/09/07 12'C, break in clouds midday n/a
23/09/07 13'C, clear skies and sun n/a
24/09/07 11'C, warmer winds briefly n/a
25/09/07 10'C, light drizzle throughout day n/a
26/09/07 9'C, tropical storms Threadfall: LW, dawn
27/09/07 9'C, storms and rain n/a
28/09/07 12'C, wet and humid Rest Day
29/09/07 13'C, scattered showers n/a

Month 10
July - August
Date Weather Events
01/10/07 14'C, fairly warm start to the month n/a
02/10/07 15'C, clera skies fairly warm n/a
03/10/07 15'C, nice spring day n/a
04/10/07 14'C, warm but with cooling breeze Threadfall: CRH, zenith
05/10/07 13'C, scattered showers n/a
06/10/07 11'C, rain throughout morning clearing later Rest Day
07/10/07 10'C, rain storm n/a
08/10/07 13'C, scattered showers Threadfall: DMH, am
09/10/07 13'C, cold breeze n/a
10/10/07 14'C, clear skies n/a
11/10/07 16'C, the perfect day n/a
12/10/07 17'C, hot and humid n/a
13/10/07 18'C, very hot no breeze, high humidity Rest Day
14/10/07 19'C, very hot no breeze, high humidity n/a
15/10/07 16'C, warm with some could cover n/a
16/10/07 14'C, scattered showers Threadfall: NH, pm
17/10/07 13'C, clear skies but cool breeze n/a
18/10/07 13'C, some cloud cover n/a
19/10/07 15'C, scattered showers but warm n/a
20/10/07 14'C, scattered showers Rest Day, Fezelasth's clutch hatches
21/10/07 14'C, warm spring day Threadfall: LW, dawn
22/10/07 14'C, lovely day n/a
23/10/07 13'C, scattered showers n/a
24/10/07 15'C, clera skies and warm n/a
25/10/07 16'C, hot and humid n/a
26/10/07 15'C, clear skies some breeze n/a
27/10/07 14'C, scattered showers Rest Day
28/10/07 13'C, rain throughout day Threadfall: CRH, zenith
29/10/07 14'C, warming throughout day n/a