Set in an alternative 9th pass Pern where AIVAS was never discovered. Because AIVAS was never discovered there were no long intervals, which were the result of the Dragonriders who shifted the red star's orbit in the past.

As the ninth pass came round the dragon riders and holders found themselves crushed into the northern continent, they began to explore the southern continent to relieve the overcrowding.

The smiths rediscovered the art of flame-throwers, but no other technology was discovered. AIVAS & landing were not discovered because exploration of the southern continent began on the west side.

An older gold rider was sent to set up the first southern weyr, Cliff rock weyr; prospering weyr in a large valley. However Cliff Rock weyr suffered a tremendous hurricane. A boat carrying new holders was trapped on the ocean in the storm, Leyhan led a rescue for the holders. In her last trip to retrieve a young holders daughter, Weyrwoman Leyhan and gold Relth were caught in the winds, tired and confused Relth jumped /between/ but never came out. Cliff Rock weyr was renamed Leyhan weyr in respect of their dead Weyrwoman.

before being killed Relth had layed 3 clutches, 2 of these had contained Golds, however the new gold riders were young and inexperienced. The north sent another mature gold rider to take care of the weyr till one of the young gold riders was old enough to take over.

However it soon became apparent to the new dragon riders that in the south there was much more to do than fighting thread. The holders were all vying for land in the southern continent. So far only one hold had been set up. Nikeran hold, named after the holders only daughter who had died with Leyhan in the storm.

The dragon riders settled the dispute by deciding that all potential holders must petition the southern council for a new hold to be created.

4 Years after Leyhan weyr was first settled, Cliff rock Hold was built, so named because of the shimmering cliffs that surround the hold, it's main produce is mining ore and precious stones.

But the new Weyrwoman of Leyhan was old, and died along with the weyrleader less than a turn ago.

When Weyrwoman Kedrana and her weyrleader B'len were both killed the young goldrider Xalleran and weyrleader X'san took over after a mating flight, X'san however later left and the weyrleader position is remaining undecided till the next mating flight of Veranth.

Also the Lord holder of nikeran died, though everyone thought he would be replaced by his daughter, at the convlave a brother was found and so Saberian's daughter left for the north.

On the sixth day of month 3 PP7, Gold Veranth the weyrwoman's dragon rose again and was caught by bronze Werynth putting his rider S'rayl as Weyrleader of the weyr. A new eppisode and hopefuly a prosperous one starts for the weyr.