Hatching Sands

When there is a clutch on the sands it will be found bellow.

To apply to be a candidate please fill out the persona sheet for a candidate persona, in the comments section please state whether you would like your persona to impress at this hatching or not, we can not guarantee you will impress as there are a limited number of eggs.
When another hatching comes around all candidates from the last one will be asked if they wish to impress this time

You can also apply for a hatching with a current character by repling to a message sent out to the whole club.
Location PC/NPC Parents Hatching Date Number of eggs Gold?
Leyhan Weyr PC Gold Fezalasth/OPEN 20/10/07 12 YES!!!!!

A message will be sent out to all candidates via the club where they can enter for their choice of weyrling colour.
To create a candidate, send in a candidate persona sheet or reply to the request sent out to the club for one of your current characters to be searched
Search post can be sent out as soon as an e-mail is sent out to say the clutch is on the sands.