Head Steward Badrin

Persona information

Persona Name: Badrin
Gender: Male
Age: 62
Birthingday: Month 10, Day 23
Rank/Craft: Apprentice fisher
Current Location: Cliff Rock Hold
Place of birth: Ista hold

Appearance: A large man, who is very round due to his small height. He has long since lost most of his hair. He has intense grey eyes that seem to gaze into peoples souls.

Personality: He is confident and somewhat self ritious, he is never wrong. But he is good at his job and runs the hold well. He can be stuffy at times and hard to get along with, as a result he has few friends.

History: He served as the head steward at Yvanis's old hold and disliking Yvanis's uncle when he became lord holder, Bedrin moved to the south with Yvanis to serve as the lord hold at his new hold.

His health has been failing for years and he doesn't move about very much.

Relations: As far as anyone knows he has non.

[Owned by Emma]