Journeywoman dolphineer Nuwiya

Persona information

Persona Name: Nuwiya
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 28
Birthingday: Month 4, Day 20
Rank/Craft: Journeywoman dolphineer / Apprentice fisher
Current Location: Cliff Rock Hold
Place of birth: Ruatha Hold

Identifying marks: Slight limp in her right leg when she is out of the water. She has a blue/purple line across the top of her foot, a birthmark that many people in her family have.

Appearance: Nuwiya is small and thin, almost fragile looking. She has darkly tanned skin due to the amount of time she spends outside. And despite her limp, appears youthful and fit.

She has wavy blonde hair going grey early at the sides, a trait she thinks she inherited from her mother. She has intense green eyes that most people notice about her first, especially due to their size. She has a long thin face with high cheekbones. Her large eyes and thin mouth appear slightly disproportionate; though very few comment on it.

She keeps her hair cropped to just above her shoulders and usually wears it in a waterproof tie at the nape of her neck. One slightly darker strand of hair at the front seems always to fall out of her tie and onto her face, usually when she is trying to concentrate on something.

Personality: Though she looks small and inconspicuous she has a voice to rival the greatest tidal wave. She has a short tempter and little patients, especially with people who waste time, a quality she can not stand in anyone.

She is a hard worker and likes to get everything done at once, she never leaves anything till the last minute and sometimes finds herself working too hard then having time left over at the end, which she considers more efficient. She like everything and everyone to be working as efficiently as possible and most people consider her a perfectionist.

She can be a good friend if they manage to catch her when she is not working; she isn't very emotional though something that causes large arguments at times. The true friends she has have learned not to comment on her apparent total lack of emotion, but those who don't know her and make the mistake of saying something about it, usually find themselves never knowing her.

Most find it hard to get close to her, as it always seems like she doesn't care, even if she really does. Her real friends tend to be those that don't feel hurt when she treats them so coldly at times. She seems to forget that other people do have emotions, and so she has a terrible habit of not even realising that she has hurt someone deeply.

History: Born illustriously on Turns begging, Nuwiya had a dragon rider father, she never found out who her mother was as she died giving birth to Nuwiya, and suspiciously no one will tell her who her mother is. Her father immediately had her fostered to a kind hearted cook at Ruatha hold; where Nuwiya was born, who had been a friend of her mothers, though for some reason the woman would never tell Nuwiya about her mother.

V'nai very rarely saw his daughter, and when he did it was not by choice. He had 3 other children, 1 boy and 2 girls. Though they were fostered to different parents Nuwiya found all her foster siblings when she was old enough and kept in touch with them, though non of them are very alike given that they all have different mothers.

Nuwiya was never sure what she wanted to do with her life; she went from craft to craft searching for something that she truly enjoyed. She eventually ended up in the fisher craft, though she didn't feel anything for the craft she did find that she was good at it.

Then at the age of 14 the fishing ship she was on was caught in a violent storm, the boat was over turned and the crew tossed into the raging water. Nuwiya fought against the waves for as long as she could before she felt herself being pulled under. She held her breath until she knew she was going to die.

Then just as she gave up hope a strange creature appeared before her, a beautiful shipfish, the animal put itself under Nuwiya's arm and swam her to the surface. She soon found herself spluttering water out of her mouth. The shipfish remained with her, trying to keep her afloat. Eventually she was joined by other shipfish though the first remained closest to Nuwiya.

The next thing Nuwiya remembered was waking up tired and cold on a deserted beach, with a vague memory of talking fish. From then on Nuwiya spent as much time as she could to find out about the shipfish, she moved to a sea hold where a 'dolphin craft' had been set up. And for the first time in her life she found herself doing something she truly loved.

The dolphin who had rescued her became her first partner when she became a journeywoman. When he died it took Nuwiya a long time to gather up the courage to take another partner. She eventually partnered with Avaya, her previous partner's youngest cub.

Relations: Mother unknown (deceased)
Foster mother Syani, Ruatha hold
Father brownrider V'nai, Fort weyr
Brother Blue rider C'sayon, Leyhan weyr, age 17
Sister Headwoman Vinaya, small northern hold, age 26
-Granddaughter, Zuwiya, age 3 (named after Nuwiya herself)
Sister apprentice harper Phyisa, age 15

Other Information: Nuwiya has a fear of healers though she has no idea why.

Dolphin information
Name: Avaya
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Appearance: Avaya is a very dark shade of grey, with an almost blue under belly. She has an old scar all the way across her dorsal fin and a small scar along the right side of her body. There is a strange chip out of her flipper from an accident before Nuwiya knew her. Avaya says it makes her look old and wise. Nuwiya said it makes her look careless.

Personality: Avaya is somewhat comical, she is always cheerful, and never has a dull moment. No matter what is happening she will always look in the bright side, and can sometimes be a bit over the top with her optimism. She is very picky about almost everything, from her appearance to Nuwiya's appearance. She can be very frivolous for a dolphin.

Pet Information

Pet#1 Name: Dyoi (Dee-o-e)
Pet#1 Type: Canine
Pet#1 Age: 1 turn
Pet#1 Appearance: A small light grey husky, with a long elegant muzzle and sharp pointed ears. He has a darker grey patch down his back ending with all his tail being dark grey apart from the very tip which is almost white. His muzzle is dark grey with a lighter grey diamond between his eyes.

Pet#1 Personality: Dyoi is the complete opposite of Avaya, he is calm and cautious sitting very calmly where-ever his master leaves him. He is careful around strangers and it takes a long time for him to get used to anyone and to trust them, he is somewhat protective of Nuwiya, who he clearly considers his. He is energetic and full of life, and loves nothing better than running around. Though he will never stray too far from Nuwiya, and will always return when called despite his youth he is loyal and well behaved.

[Owned by Karen]