Master Dolphineer Onelin

Persona information

Persona Name: Onelin
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Birthingday: Month 14, Day 27
Rank/Craft: Master Dolphineer
Current Location: Cliff Rock Hold
Place of birth: Bitra hold

Appearance: Despite his greying hair Onelin is still considered handsome. He has dark brown eyes and apart from the grey streaks, dark brown hair. He is tall at about 6ft 5, and built sturdy and well muscled. He has an obviously arrogant walk and appearence yet he still seems to weedle his way to most women's hearts.

Personality: Just like his appearence suggests, he is arogant and cocky, very few people who know him actually like him. He has never hidden his distaste of female crafters and clearly treats them like housewives, as a result most of the female dolphineers hate him.

There are many rumours that he has 'had' every woman who has arrived at the hall, though those people who have been there for a long time know full well this is completely un true.

History: Never talks about his history to anyone, all they know is that he has been at the hall for 10 years and became master at the age of 36.

Dolphin information
Name: Haya
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Personality: Nothing like her partner Haya is kind an considerate, she often tries to apologise for the masters actions. And despite the way everyone else sees him she respects him and appears to know more about him than anyone else.

[Owned by Emma]