Journeywoman dolphineer Preadia

Persona information

Persona Name: Preadia (Pr-eye-dee-a )
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Birthingday: Month 7, Day 2
Rank/Craft: Journeywoman dolphineer (Head of Dolphin Rescue)
Current Location: Cliff Rock Hold
Place of birth: Fort Hold

Identifying marks: Preadia is missing the tip of her little finger on her left hand from the shipwreck she was in

Appearance: Preadia has short, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Her skin is lightly tanned from all her time in the Southern Seas. She is about 5'10" tall with very long, toned legs.

The only parts about her that she hates are her big feet, which he tends to hide under ground length skirts.

Personality: Preadia is a very bubbly person who tends to see the good things in life. She's a very amiable and sociable person and she doesn't like to see people upset.

She can often be found going out of her way to help others, and is the teaching journeywoman and head of dolphin rescue at the Hall.

When she is seen looking rather sad and perplexed, there is a fair bet that she is trying to remember the memories that she lost from before she was washed up after a shipwreck. It upsets her greatly that she cannot remember her childhood and parents.

History: The first memory Preadia has is of waking up on a sandy beach with the cold waves lapping around her body. At the time she couldn't remember where she was, why she was there and even who she was.

She managed to crawl up the beach and was discovered by a journeyman fisher and his wife who were walking up the stretch of beach, looking for a location to start their small holding. Having no children of their own, the couple readily adopted the girl, slowly helping her back to full physical health and always trying to trigger her memory.

After two turns and countless hours of tears and frustration, Preadia had managed to claw back the memories of her name, her birthplace, her age and a few other minor details such as like and dislikes, but she still could not remember who her family was or why they had been on a ship that had been wrecked.

Preadia's foster parents became increasingly worried as the girl became more and more introverted. Their small holding was prospering and so, with the marks they could spare, they sent Preadia to Fort Hold when she was 16 with their eldest nephew to find some more answers. Unfortunately, no answers were forthcoming. It seemed that no one remembered a girl called Preadia or her parents.

Heartbroken, Preadia walked down to the docks one night, determined to end her pitiful life there and then. Just as she was preparing to jump, she was hit full in the face by a huge splash of water, a high pitched laughter. Angry to the point of tears, Preadia opened her eyes, ready to give a sound tongue-lashing to whoever was laughing at her, but suddenly she found herself speechless. Without noticing, she laid herself down on the dock, her head hanging over the edge.

The dolphin rose up in the water and nuzzled the girl's face, making all thoughts of suicide race away. The very next day, with the blessings of her foster parents who she had contacted via firelizard, she enrolled in the Dolphincraft Hall at Fort Hold.

She remained firm friends with the dolphin who had saved her from herself, Mabileau, and when she was promoted to the rank of Journeywoman at the age of 20, she was partnered with Korial, an eight-turn old male dolphin. They were partnered for three years before Korial was killed trying to save a sinking ship full of people. Korial pushed Preadia to safety before the wooden mast fell on top of him.

Preadia was devastated and spent several sevendays isolated in her room, not ready to face the world without Korial. Finally, she was coaxed to the dolphin peer because her old friend Mabileau had been refusing to eat unless she saw Preadia. When Preadia reached the peer she saw Mabileau and one of her calves, Acesia, between whom was a little male calf, Mabileau's newest addition to the pod.

Being as stubborn as she was, Mabileau made Preadia promise to have Acesia as her new partner. Reluctantly, Preadia agreed and very soon the journeywoman the dolphin became a close working team.

A Turn later, Preadia was offered a position at the DolphinHall at Cliff Rock Hold on the Southern Continent as Head of Dolphin Rescue. Initially Preadia declined, banishing any thought of deserting Aceisa. But after several negotiations with her Hall Master and The Tillek, it was decided that Preadia and Aceisa would both be able to transfer to the DolphinHall in the South.

Preadia declined the offer of a journey a' dragonback in preference of a journey by ship so that she and Aceisa could travel together.

Preadia has been at Cliff Rock hold's DolphinHall for just over two Turns now and she has proved herself to be a valuable member of the Craft and a very capable leader of the elite Dolphin Rescue squad.

Relations: Maridol - Foster Father, Minor Holder of Yaring Hold
Taylia - Foster Mother, Minor Holder of Yaring Hold

Dolphin information
Name: Aceisa
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Appearance: Aceisa is a very light grey colour, with an off while under belly. She is missing the tip of her dorsal fin where it was bitten by another dolphin in a fight. Aceisa is slightly smaller than average, but that doesn't make her any less strong than the other dolphins in her pod and it gives the bonus of extra manoeuvrability.

Personality: As with all dolphins. Aceisa believes that all the world's problems can be solved with a game and some food. Although she has a simplistic look of life, this dolphin is incredibly sensitive to the emotions of those around her and hates to see people upset. She believes it's her duty to make people happy again.

Aceisa is a fearless dolphin, which is good because it is often Praedia and Aceisa who get sent on the most dangerous missions of dolphin rescue.

[Owned by Chantelle]