Headwoman Sariua

Persona information

Persona Name: Sariua
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 55
Birthingday: Month 13, Day 13
Rank/Craft: Headwoman
Current Location: Cliff Rock Hold
Place of birth: Ista

Appearance: Sariua was once beautiful, now she would be considered handsome. She stands at a respectable 5'8, though her demeanour makes her seem twice that. She has silver Brown hair artfully styled to a sheik bob, framing a classic face with sharp cheek bones, and almost overlarge Golden grey eyes. Her nose is straight and tipped up lightly on the end. Her skin a light golden form her time in the sun. She's given to burn though it turns into a lovely tan after 2 days.

Personality: Sariua is strudy, dependable, and firm believer in work makes you happy. She loves to work with both childen adn adults finding things that most don't even know. Her greatest joy is helping someone with a problem. She's more of a motherly figure to those who are less off than she was or is. She's got a temper but it's like a kettle, it boils slowly then blast and halts as cools down.

History: Sariua was born at Crom but was shutterd from foster parent to foster parent due to her quick temeper and even quick mind. When she was 13 she met the man she would wed 10 years later. He changed her life, when he suggested she let go of her hurt and help someone not as well off as he. She changed then, showing more caring towards childen and the drudges, her life then had meaning. As she grew she took to hanging aroung the head women, learning diplomacy, and love, and helpfulness. She was married to her childhood sweetheart, Likzea when she was 23. He was a Seafearer so she went with him. She became Assisant Head Women at Tillek, but moved when her beloved was killed in a hurrican at the age of 47. After trying to live there for another 4 yeas she decided she wanted a new life, away from the north and heard about and opening at Cliff Rock Hold.

Pet Information

Pet#1 Name: Trille
Pet#1 Type: Firelizard
Firelizard colour: Green
Pet#1 Age: 6
Pet#1 Description: Trille is delicately boned Green, tiny compared to others she's a light mint green with a darker underbelly.

[Owned by Gwyn]