Lord Holder Yvanis

Persona information

Persona Name: Yvanis
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Birthingday: Month 9, Day 28
Rank/Craft: Journeyman dolphineer
Current Location: Cliff Rock Hold
Place of birth: Small northern hold

Appearance: Smallish with a slightly lopsided gait about him. He has long white hair, tied at the back of his neck. He has dark brown eyes that once matched his dark brown hair perfectly.

Personality: He is quiet and serious, he very rarely gets agitated about anything. His calm personality can sometimes annoy his opponants but it serves him well in the running of his hold. He is a very carefull man and doesn't rush into things, though this can sometimes seem a bit hidebound.

History: Born in a small northern hold, as the eldest child of the lord holder he was trained from birth to manage a hold. When his father died however his claim over the hold was userped by his uncle. Yvanis was banished to the south where he petitioned the conclave to set up his own hold. He set up cliff rock hold very soon and propered in its ideal fishing location.

His wife remained north with her family after refusing to move so far into the unknown.

Though his children origionaly stayed north, when he was old enough Yvanis's oldest son moved to the south to train under his father.

Relations: Son- Vaniyan age 20
2 younger daughters and 1 younger son

Pet Information

Pet#1 Name: Vaern
Pet#1 Type: Canine
Pet#1 Age: 6 turns
Pet#1 Appearance: Small shaggy brown canine. With a black tail

Pet#1 Personality: Loyal and quiet, Vaern has lost the youth and vitality he once had, he tends to sleep most of the time and when he used to follow his master everywhere he now tends to sit back in his masters rooms and moves only far enough to eat.

[Owned by Emma]