Jewelled Claw Wing

This is currently an NPC wing, but you may use any of these characters in your posts

Key to dragon colours= Gold, Bronze, Brown, Green, Blue

Name Dragon Rank Owner

RNPC K'dun Adorth Wingleader OPEN
RNPC G'bortal Itilborsuth Wingsecond OPEN
RNPC C'port Sovidirth Wingthird OPEN
NPC P'ran Vith Wingrider OPEN
NPC O'tos Daboth Wingrider OPEN
NPC H'britol Zoduth Wingrider OPEN
NPC Iliana Tubith Wingrider OPEN
NPC Bulitan Moylyth Wingrider OPEN
NPC T'nir Covalath Wingrider OPEN
OPEN OPEN Wingriders - click here for a list of clutches at leyhan OPEN