Green Weyrling B'vetas

Persona information

Persona Name: B'vetas
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Age: 21
Birthingday: Month 7, Day 15
Rank/Craft: Journeyman miner/Weyrling
Current Location: Leyhan weyr
Place of birth: Crom Hold

Appearance: If one were to think of a miner, Beuvetas isn't the kind of person they'd picture. Instead of some brawny, broad-shouldered man, he'd be defined as a bit more...dainty. Standing only at five feet six, he's definitely not imposing, being rather lightly built. Beuvetas has actually been called beautiful on more than one occassion; high cheekbones and wide eyes give him an almost innocent look, and full lips give him an entirely kissable look. His hair is pitch black, thick, and smooth as silk. He keeps it cut short in order to prevent being mistaken for a girl. His eyes are a warm, chocolate brown, set under delicate brows.

Personality: Beuvetas' personality isn't as eye catching as his looks. Sometimes he thinks being so good looking is a curse. He gets way too much attention, from both male and female. He's a rather shy fellow, and would much rather be curled up in a corner reading or drawing then out in the mines. He's easily bullied, and not much for courage. Overall, though, he has a sweet kind of charm that just seems to draw everyone in.

History: The firstborn son of a Masterminer. His father always had great plans for him, all of which began to flop as soon as Beuvetas was able to apprentice to the craft. Rather than the strapping, brawny young man he'd wanted, the old Master found himself stuck with a good for nothing son that took after his mother way too much.

Determined not to be shamed, he tried to whip the boy into shape. Beuvetas tried his honest best, but mining was something that never came easily to him. He'd have much preferred being a Harper. His father was disgusted with him, and spent more time with his other sons.

When he achieved his journeyman status, he was surprised. Beuvetas was a horrible miner; what on Pern got him to advance a rank? As it turned out, his father had pulled a few strings. Not wanting to bear the shame of his eldest son any longer, the old Master gave his son a journeyman's status simply so he could send him off on his studies.

And send him off he did. Beuvetas found himself far from Crom, stuck in Deep Mountain Hold. The rest of the miner's quickly learned that he was useless in the mines, and put him to work as a record keeper. It was a dull job, but better than breathing blackdust all day.

Then, quite suddenly, his life changed. Said change came on dragon's wings; a green dragon, actually. Beuvetas suddenly found himself Searched, and accepted if only to get away from Deep Mountain.

Relations: Northern Masterminer is his father

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Cohaseth
Dragon Age: 0
Colour: Green
Rank: Weyrling
Hatch date: D09 / M06 / PP07
Parents: Gold Veranth/Bronze Werynth

Description: So far, she's a bit on the smaller side of her color range, though it's hard to tell just what will happen as she grows. Cohaseth is a slightly pudgy dragonet, and she moves with careful deliberation in everything she does. Her hide is a mottled pine green, splashed with lighter tinges all over, though her wingsails and front left foot darken to a startling, nearly black shade of green.

Cohaseth is a quiet, patient dragon who is more content to sit aside and watch rather than get into any sort of trouble. She does play, of course, but usually after she's watched the game in action a few times. A bit soft spoken, she might be prone to getting ignored or not taken seriously, which she doesn't tolerate well. For a green, she is remarkably stable.

[Owned by Israfel]