Master woodcrafter Diole

Persona information
Persona Name: Diole
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Rank/Craft: Master woodcrafter
Current Location: Leyhan Weyr
Place of birth: The north
Identifying marks: Limp in right leg

Appearance: He is of average height, with a stocky build. He's got light brown hair that's speckled with grey. His face is tanned from working outside and it has a lot of lines. His eyes are dark blue.

Personality: He is a kind man and loves children. He is not as keen about animals, but he is willing to accept them if they leave him alone. The exception to the rule is his firelizard. He used to be quite outgoing, but since the death of his wife, Calin, he is more withdrawn. He only leaves his dwelling to do his work, and rarely talks to anyone except Liana. If someone needs help, though, all they have to do is ask him.

History: He was married to Calin for 12 years. When Liana came to the hold, they adopted her because they could not have children. Then, two years later, Calin died of fever. He threw himself into his work and tried to be mother and father to Liana. There was an accident with a runner beast when Liana was 12. It kicked him in his right leg, and although he recovered, he had a limp. It does not hinder him, although when the weather is bad, it aches.

Relations: Calin - wife (deceased) Liana - adopted daughter

Pet Information
Pet#1 Name: Naka
Pet#1 Type: Firelizard
Firelizard#1 colour: bronze
Pet#1 Age: 7
Appearance: He is mainly bronze with a darker stripe down his front. He has a scar on his back from a fight he got into when he was younger.

Personality: He is very intelligent and loyal towards Diole. He used to like flying off and investigating things, but now he prefers to stay close to his master.
[Owned by Emma]