Weyrling F'rin

Persona information

Persona Name: F'rin (Fyarin)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 23
Birthingday: Month 3, Day 29
Rank/Craft: Journeyman runner/Weyrling
Current Location: Leyhan weyr
Place of birth: Fort Hold

Identifying marks: Limp in his left leg from the injury that ended his running career, a large scar form his left arm down to his stomach from the same accident.

Appearance: Very tall as all runners are, and thin though muscled, with wavy dark hair tied back at the nape of his neck and dark concerned eyes. He is slightly more filled out than most runners though still tall and thin.

His limp gives him the appearance of someone much older than he eyes, and the look of sadness at know he would never be a runner again enhances the effect. He has dark tanned skin, after having been in the south for a long time. But he has a friendly smile and warm eyes, and despite the sadness there he has a ready smile and crease lines to show he smiles a lot.

Personality: Fyarin is confident and forward, he will usually be the first on the dance floor and the last one of, he has no compunctions about showing off, and takes every opportunity to do so. His appearance has always set him out in a crowd but his almost bellow like laugh can be heard across Pern.

He is a hard person to put down, he takes disability and injury badly, and mention of his limp or scar can set of his temper in a second, although he is normally light heartened and friendly about anything else. He hates needing to rely on anyone, and will suffer endless pain rather than ask for help.

History: Born to a runner station at Fort hold, Fyarin knew he would run from almost the moment he was born, he had 3 brothers and two sisters all were runners, it was never questioned that he would follow in the family tradition. It was a surprise to everyone however when he announced that he was going to the south to join the new runner station there.

All his family opposed this, though he was the youngest he was still expected to be part of the 'family' runner station. Fyarin however wanted to set his own glory, he knew as the youngest that it was doubtful he would ever come to run the family station and so the south gave him the chance to prove himself.

He went to the south when he became a journeyman at 17, he loved the south and quickly became a well known and respected runner there. He did however like to get away from the runner station time to time, and it was on one of these excursions that he met the weyrwoman Xalleran. They quickly came to like each other, however when she asked him to leave his craft and come with her to the weyr he refused out right, and ran off.

It was as he ran away, hurt and not paying attention that he slipped on the damp earth and fell into a deep fast stream, he was battered and his leg broken before the runner station found him the next morning. His leg was permanently damaged and he was told he would never run again. At first he refused to believe them but finally he gave in. When he finally accepted Xalleran asked him to come to the hatching to stand as a candidate, he was going to refuse until he realised he had no other life left now.

Without even a fight he went to the hatching. He wasn't incredibly excited, nor did he intend to impress, but all of a sudden in his sadness and hurt he felt a voice in his head telling him he wasn't alone. As he turned to see the shining bronze he knew he had a life again, though his loss was never forgotten it was eased by the impression.

Relations: Friend and lover Weyrwoman Xalleran
Farther station master Fyaliarin
Mother journeywoman runner Eayrin

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Xayminanth (Xay-min-anth)
Dragon Age: 1
Colour: Bronze
Rank: Weyrling
Hatch date: 22/01/07
Parents: Gold Vixith/OPEN

Appearance: He isn't especially large for a bronze though he has wings that seen to big for his body, he is however fast despite his size, or perhaps because of it, he is more manoeuvrable as well. He has a slightly darker underbelly that is almost brown, his wings are much lighter than his body and seem to belong to a completely different dragon. If you hadn't seen him fly one would imaging him clumsy and disjointed

Personality: Xamnintath is quiet and generally not to imposing, he would rather sit and watch than play with the other weyrlings, he is however intelligent though he doesn't speak much and seems to keep his thoughts to himself. He spends more time talking to Fyarin than other dragons and doesn't really socialise all that much at all.

He is however trustworthy, he gains trust simply by being who he is, and it seems other dragons speak to him for advice without him making any effort to encourage then to do so, perhaps that is why they speak to him. He knows he doesn't look like the most spectacular bronze and will probably never grow to the size of the larger bronzes, but he makes up for it in heart.

[Owned by Karen]