Goldrider Galiret

Persona information
Persona Name: Galiret
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 19
Birthingday: Month 8, Day 9
Rank/Craft: Gold rider/wingrider
Current Location: Leyhan Weyr
Place of birth: Ista
Identifying marks: Small scar on left arm from falling down the stairs

Appearance: Galiret is a little on the short side, standing only 5'3 1/2 and weighing in at 125 lbs. She has mid-length honey blond hair that is constantly kept in several braids and wrapped into a high ponytail. She has doe-like brown eyes, which seem almost overlarge in her small heart-shaped face. Her skin is almost translucent it's so pale, though she darkens to a light tan while in the sun. Her lithe' figure is lushly endowed, with ample breasts, a narrow waist, and flaring hips. She has built up muscles from her turns of riding.

Personality: Galiret is a very very shy person, almost to the point of being unsociable. She has a fear of crowds and of blood. Through once she becomes accustomed to someone she opens up and is like a whole new person, gentle, loving and very caring.

History: Galiret was born from a flight between a green and a Blue rider. Once born though she was fostered off to the nearest foster parents as neither her mother nor father really wanted a daughter. Growing up in a large brood of people and normally always lost in the pack, getting left at certain holds several times as a result. This developed into her phobia. As a child the only thing she like to do was sew, and entered the weaving craft when she was 12, but was searched when she was 13 so did not really have a chance to get into her craft. She was left standing twice and almost gave up when she impressed Gold Fezalasth.

Other information: Galiret is normally seen wearing a dark brown skirt and beige blouse unless she if flying thread.

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Fezalasth
Dragon Age: 4
Colour: Gold
Rank: Wingrider
Appearance: Fezalasth is as lithely built as her owner, with delicate features and slender limbs. Her colour is that of an older Gold, an almost burnished Bronze, except for under her wings and on her stomach.

Personality: Fezalasth is quite the opposite in perspective to her rider, outgoing and daring. She loves to gossip and pass along the news along with talking to other dragons. She is constantly playing tricks on her rider just to get her to open up.

[Owned by Gwendolyn]