Weyrlingmaster's second H'kan

Name: H'kan
Rank: Weyrlingmaster's second
Location: Leyhan Weyr
Age: 45
Birthingday: Month 9, Day 22

Appearance: H'kan is tall and broad with dark tanned skin from being in the south from the time it was first explored, he has light blue eyes and brown hair with flecks of grey throughout. He has a sharp angry face and most people know not to cross him.

Personality: H'kan can be short tempered and quick to anger, but he is a good teacher, he inspires weyrlings to do what he wants if only by shear fear, he is strict but not overly so and does his job well if with a stern hand.

Dragon Name: Aryanth
Colour: Brown
Age: 27
[Owned by Emma]