Wingleader J'zep

Persona information
Persona Name: J'zep
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Rank/Craft: Jr. Journeyman baker/wingleader
Current Location: Leyhan Weyr
Place of birth: Nabol
Identifying marks: Thread scar on left side of face

Appearance: J'zep is rather small, standing at only 5'8 his presence though, is commanding. He had dirty Blonde hair that is normally a muddy yellow, but in the summer it turns almost to a white. He has klah coloured eyes that are very direct but also very readable. Body frame his very fit after 15 turns of Dragon riding, but not overly fit.

Personality: J'zep is a serious minded person most of the time. At times (when he and Zuorerth are alone) e relaxes and lets his guard down. His attitude is that of one 10 to 15 turns older, for he's always trying to preserve the ways and well being of dragonriders and their possible future. He's slightly cold to those he doesn't know, not being very personable, but once he gets to know you he mellows out some.

History: J'Zep or Jozep as he was once called at his home in Nabol. Jozep was a lonely child as his foster parents took him only to get more credits from their Craft Master. As a child, Jozep found he liked to spend time in the kitchens as it kept him from being picked on due to his height. Finding he had a knack for baking he begged his foster parents to send him to be an Apprentice. Finally relenting they did and when he got his shoulder knots at 18 he was assigned to Ista where he excelled at his craft. After being at Ista for half a Turn, Jozep was searched and went to Stand at Ista impressing his first time where he became lifemate to little Bronze Zuorerth.

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Zuorerth
Dragon Age: 15
Colour: Bronze
Rank: Wingleader
Appearance: Zuoreth is best described as a mini mountain. He's extremely large-chested and well proportioned, making his rider appear extremely small to him. On all fours Lumbering comes to mind, yet in the air he's graceful for his proportion. His stamina is extremely to most other bronzes but he knows his limits. Zuorerth is the colour of Worked Copper, his Hide sporting bright flashes of bronze through his undersails and belly are only slightly lighter

Personality: Zourerth is as serious as his rider, being alternately melancholy for his rider, and spontaneous for trying to lift his rider's seriousness. He believes his knowledge will help Dragon kind and that his rider is the best of everyone.

Pet Information

Pet#1 Name: Utraten
Pet#1 Type: Firelizard
Firelizard#1 colour: blue
Pet#1 Age: 5
Appearance: Utraten is a sky blue colour swirled heavily through with a darker summertime blue.

Personality: Utraten is a happy little thing, seeming always cheery and bright. His favourite past time is playing with Zuorerth in the water and getting oiled.

[Owned by Gwyn]