Journeyman miner/Blue weyrling K'tayn

Persona information

Persona Name: K'tayn
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 18
Birthingday: Month 11, Day 16
Rank/Craft: Journeyman Miner/Weyrling
Current Location: Leyhan weyr
Place of birth: Fort Hold

Identifying marks: scar along his right Jawline.

Appearance: Kayitayn is short for a man at only 5ft 6", but his is built like a proverbial tree trunk. His whole body is thick and chunky from his arms the thickness of a ten turns old head and legs like a dragon's. His neck is barely noticeable as his head seems to sit right on top of his shoulders. He is by no means fat, every inch of him is muscled from being a miner, but he is... robust, a rather frightening and imposing figure despite his small stature. His height however is of great use in the mines and where most develop a slight stoop he still stands tall and straight always with his shoulders back and his head held high.

Kayitayn his light brown hair with a slight reddish tint that stands out in certain light. His eyes are a beautiful shade of bright blue almost a shade of turquoise, and they are large along with every other feature and so stand out. He has a rather large sharp pointed nose that actually matches the rest of him as any smaller and it would look odd. The rest of his face is round but with very sharp pronounced cheek bones and a thickset brow that gives him the appearance of someone rather... stupid.

Personality: Though he is frightening; and looks the sort of person that squashes Yellowfruits between his head and a wall to get them open, he is actually more like a giant cuddly toy, he is a big softy at heart and would do anything for his loved ones even a friend. Though he was obviously the cause of plenty of attention with people trying to goad him into fights, he hates violence and would avoid it at any cost, and manages to do so by simple unconcern; they soon give up.

Despite his rather big idiot appearance he is sharp witted and intelligent, though it is a quiet intelligence as he is actually rather shy. He reads in privet; if anyone saw him reading they would probably feint, and though he rarely speaks he is a wealth of knowledge, having watched everyone else from afar.

Kayitayn would die trying to save someone, he is considered good luck to whichever mine team he is on as he would attempt to rescue even those he dislikes rather than see someone hurt. This is mainly because he is surprisingly squeamish; the sight of injuries or another's pain immediately sends him nervous and worried.

Although he has plenty of attention from women; those wanting something... rough, and he does have a bit of harmless fun with some, he has in honesty never really been interested. Most the women he meets are dull witted and flirtatious but have nothing behind their pretty batting eyelids, and he sees little in them, he has therefore got a reputation as the eternal bachelor, despite being only 18.

History: He was born to a long running miner family beholden to Fort Hold, he inherited all of the families' rather strong traits and there was never any doubt that he would inherit their craft and become a miner. Though he showed surprising intelligence, his brute strength and bulky appearance never got him noticed for his brains, and so he was resigned to his lot in life and was determined to be the best miner there ever was.

Kayitayn's mother was the Watch-wher owner of the weyr, with her beautiful green Wher whom Kayitayn adored and was never seen far from when he was young. From the moment he knew what it meant he was determined to be like his mother and impress a wher to help in the mines and rescue people.

He was so devastated when is mother died along with the mine's only Watch-wher when he was only 14, that he never put a thought to what this meant for his dreams. For when the only wher of the mine died accidents increased, useful veins were lost and whole tunnels caved in without any prior warning as they had gotten used to. Though he was young Kayitayn became the perfect candidate to impress a Watch-wher, as soon as a clutch was hatched a request was sent and he was flown in to attempt to be given an egg from the gold.

For whatever reason it was not to be, the gold refused him immediately, and as he pleaded with her she spun, one of her stubby gold wing catching his jaw and sending him reeling. He was left with a permanent scar on his jaw line and the feeling of failure for the rest of his life. He was therefore shocked when 4 turns later a search dragon asked him if he wished to be a candidate. Remembering his earlier rejection he almost refused outright, but the sight of the rider's shimmering strong blue dragon won his heart, and he knew whatever happened he had to try, if trying was all he ever did, and so he went to Leyhan with only a passing wave to his father and a smile full of hope.

Relations: Mother Journeywoman miner Kaytana (deceased)
Farther Master Miner Taynin

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Ozynath
Dragon Age: 0
Colour: blue
Rank: Weyrling
Hatch date: D09 / M06 / PP07
Parents: Gold Veranth/Bronze Werynth

Description: Bright turquois blue with darker blue on his belly and wings, and speckled navy blue spots on his muzzle and tail.

Ozynath is cautious and thoughtfull, he prefers not to get involved and would rather sit back and keep out of things only getting involved when necessary. Ozynath is very friendly talking to anyone and everyone but he is cautious when it comes to mating flights.

[Owned by Emma]