Headwoman Kaire

Persona information

Persona Name: kaire
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 61
Birthingday: n/a
Rank/Craft: Headwoman
Current Location: Leyhan weyr
Place of birth: n/a

Appearance: Kaire is you average looking person, she's a bit stooped standing at 5'7 with brown eyes and silvery blonde hair. Her face is more leather worn, her skin darked by her turns in the sun. Her face is a bit careworn, showing lines for squinting and smiling. She weighs in 165, being over weight because she liked to sample and loves her food.

Personality: Kaire is a mother to the bone. fighting for what she thanks as hers and being feirce to those she thinks needs it. She's very protective of the younger children and likes to sneak canies and sweeties thoughs she's real " against the thought of it"

History: Kaire is a 3rd generation headwomen, following in the steps of her mother and grandmother. She was from Crom hold before going to Ista. She was assisant Head women there until her mother passed away when she was 27. Taking over the job, she fellin love with the Lord holder but keep it quiet till after his wife had died some years later. Becoming a lover to him she was happier then she rememebr. At 35 se concived her first child but lost in when she was 6 month along. 2 years later she convied again she gave bith but the child was slow. She called him Tulie, and she loved him. He was 15 when he was killed trying to swim. He got caught in the rip tide and was drug out before she could get to him. After that she gave up wanting another child, instead adopting those in teh caverns whe got fostered around. She ended up at Leyhan Weyr after the death of the old Lord holder.

[Owned by Gwyn]