Weyrling Liana

Persona information
Persona Name: Liana
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Rank/Craft: Weyrling
Current Location: Leyhan Weyr
Place of birth: The north
Identifying marks: Long white scar on left cheek

Appearance: She's got red-blond hair down to her waist that she wears in a thick braid. She has bright green eyes and freckles over her nose and cheeks. Her nose is a little sharp. She is tall and willowy, with long arms and legs.

Personality: She loves to have fun, which can sometimes get her into trouble. She is a bit impatient too. She is very loyal, but it can be hard to gain her trust again once you have let her down. She tends to be a loner, because she is scared that if she gets too close to someone than they'll die too.

History: She left Cliff Hold Weyr when she was nine, after her parents died in an accident. That was where she got the scar. They were helping to build a tunnel when it collapsed. Liana was nearby, although she shouldn't have been. She got injured and moved to Leyhan Weyr. She was taken in by a childless couple. The man was a journeyman and the woman was a weaver. The woman, Calin, died when she was 11. Now she just lives with Diole.

Relations: Frihil - mother (deceased)
Bel - father (deceased)
Diole - adopted father
Calin - adopted mother (deceased)

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Claerth
Dragon Age: 1
Colour: Green
Rank: Weyrling
Hatch date: 22/01/07
Parents: Gold Vixith
Appearance: She is large for a green, but it does not look strange. She has strong wings and Liana knows that she will be good in the fighting wing when she is big enough. She is a very bright green and the scales on the back of her head are mottled a slightly darker colour.

Personality: Claerth is fiercely protective of Liana and is liable to go for anyone who tries to hurt her lifemate. She loves playing games and her favourite thing to do is splash around in water. She, like Liana, cannot wait until she is big enough to fly. However, she is quite social with the other dragons, but she'll only talk to Liana.

Pet Information
Pet#1 Name: Jeika
Pet#1 Type: Feline
Pet#1 Age: 3
Appearance: Tawny coloured coat with distinctive bar markings. She is small and delicate, with tiny paws and a long tail.

Personality: She is very protective of her owner. She sits on Liana's shoulder and can sometimes take a swipe at a passing person. She loves playing games and has, on occasions, got Liana into trouble with the craftspeople.
[Owned by Emma]

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