Sr. gold weyrling Narkalenia

Persona information
Persona Name: Narkalenia
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 20
Birthingday: Month 2, Day 27
Rank/Craft: Gold weyrling/journeywoman dragonhealer
Current Location: Leyhan Weyr
Place of birth: Ista weyr
Identifying marks: Two different coloured eyes; left is blue, right is green.

Appearance: Standing at 5'8", she's more of a beanpole than anything. She has a slight frame, with the barest of curves, and long, deep auburn hair. It's wavy and thick, and she's given up trying to tie it back out of the way. Her multi-colored eyes are striking; the left a vibrant shade of cobalt blue, the right a deep hunter green. Her skin is deeply tanned, evidence of her time spent in the south. Her dress tends to be casual and comfortable; a pair of loose pants, and a shirt. She only wears skirts or gowns for an important occasion.

Personality: A bit on the quiet and shy side, Narkalenia isn't one to draw attention to herself. Narka, as she is sometimes called, prefers to be alone, only conversing with those she knows. She's an overall nice person, not easily drawn to anger.

Her Impression to Kedodarsith has thrown her entire life into disarray. Everyone expects so much from her now, and she's supposed to be a leader someday...Narka feels so unprepared for it all.

History: Born at Ista Weyr, the product of a greenflight, Narkalenia was raised as any other weyrbrat. When she came of age, she apprenticed into the dragonhealing craft. It seemed the logical thing to do, since she lived in a weyr.

Soon after, Leyhan Weyr opened in the south. They were in need of all sorts of crafters, and Narka was chosen by her Master to go to the new Weyr. She readily agreed eager to see what life in the south would be like.

It was paradise. Warm weather, plenty of sun...she loved it. It was about three months after her seventeenth birthingday that she walked the tables to become a journeywoman. As a gift for the momentous occasion, Narka received a firelizard egg, this hatched out into green Emmy.

Two turns afterwards, she was Searched to stand for gold Veranth's clutch. Narkalenia had little hope for Impressing, and never expected to. At the most, she figued she'd get a green. To her great surprise, it was the small gold Kedodarsith who chose her from amongst the other girls.

Relations: She doesn't know who her mother or father is, having been raised as a child of the weyr.

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Kedodarsith
Dragon Age: 1
Colour: Gold
Rank: Sr. Weyrling
Hatch date: 06/05/06
Parents: Gold Veranth/Bronze Udanth
Appearance: She looks like she'll be on the small end of the range of golds. Her hide is a deep, burnished gold, with hints of bronze highlights on her wingsails, hindquarters, and muzzle.

Personality: A confident young gold, who loves to explore the world around her. She's well aware of her status as a queen dragon, and won't hesitate to 'remind' those who seem to have forgotten this, especially when it comes to her rider. She doesn't understand why Narka is so shy. She's a queenrider, by Faranth, and should start acting as such!

Pet Information
Pet#1 Name: Emmy
Pet#1 Type: Firelizard
Firelizard#1 colour: Green
Pet#1 Age: 3
Appearance: A brilliant, emerald green. She's an average sized flit, her hide the same uniform colour throughout.

Personality: A haughty, preening green, who thinks she's the prettiest thing on wings. She loves flirting with any male firelizard within earshot, and her flights have been known to attract quite a fair of males.

[Owned by Israfel]