Bronze Weyrling T'reng

Persona information

Persona Name: T'reng
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 17
Birthingday: Month 5, Day 23
Rank/Craft: Trader/Weyrling
Current Location: Leyhan weyr
Place of birth: Crom Hold

Identifying marks: Slightly crooked nose, due to it having been broken in a fight.

Appearance: Tall, but still growing, he stands at an even five ten. He has the blonde hair and blue eyes so predominant in his family, and is well built from turns as a trader. His nose is slightly crooked, broken in a fight with another trader brat. Broad shouldered, he's usually not messed with, and dresses in comfortable yet pratcial clothing.

Personality: The family's stubborn streak is definitely present, though to a lesser extent than his sister's. He's more patient, more practical, and would rather see the full end of things before making a decision. He seems to temper his sister nicely, though the two do bicker, and watches out for her with a typical big brother affection; never admitting that he cares, but he does nonetheless.

History: Born during a stopover at Crom Hold, two turns before his younger sister. Tiereng went right to work in the caravan as soon as he was able, and proved to be a good addition. The fight that broke his nose is one of the few dark marks on his record, but he's otherwise been a responsible lad.

Tiereng was always expected to take over his father's position of Caravan Leader someday. He was made for it, and good at it. There was no question or dispute about that, and he'd been training for the position his whole life. Thus, when he and his sister were Searched at Bitra Hold, he was more than a little reluctant to go.

What would happen to the caravan? He couldn't just abandon them! After Cayhe had successfully talked their father into letting them go, however, his fate was sealed. The prestige of being a Dragonrider would bring great honor to their family, his father said. There were other sons that could run the caravan. And, should he not Impress, he could always come back.

So, still somewhat uncertain, but no less eager, he packed his things and set off to Leyhan Weyr on the back of a blue dragon.

Relations: Sister Cayhe, trader folks.

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Mnoroqueth
Dragon Age: 0
Colour: Bronze
Rank: Weyrling
Hatch date: D09 / M06 / PP07
Parents: Gold Veranth/Bronze Werynth

Description: Small, for a bronze, but that does nothing to diminish his presence. If Rixaguth is cocky, then Mnoroqueth is downright imperious, and it's no surprise to anyone that the brown and the bronze bash heads frequently. This bronze is the best bronze, thank you very much and don't you forget it! If it's a good idea, it was Mnoroqueth's idea, of course, and if the hatchlings are having fun, it's because he's decided they are worthy of his presence. This dominant attitude is sure to lead straight to trouble.

There's no denying it; Mnoroqueth is a downright gorgeous specimen of his color. He doesn't seem destined for gangly awkwardness as he grows, and his body is perfectly proportioned. His hide is a deep, rich shade of bronze, reticulated throughout with a fine, nearly golden marbling.

[Owned by Israfel]