Searchrider Taryn

Persona information
Persona Name: Taryn
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Rank/Craft: Searchrider and apprentice dragonhealer
Current Location: Leyhan Weyr
Place of birth: Telgar weyr
Identifying marks: A long Threadscar that runs along her right arm

Appearance: Taryn is taller than most other women her age, standing at a shocking 6'0". She has one green eye and one brown eye and considers them an omen. She has short brown hair with long, loose bangs that dangle in her eyes. When she is not in riding gear, she wears a green tunic and soft brown runnerhide slacks. She has a long Threadscar along her right arm, making some things more painful to do, but she ignores the pain through years of practice.

Personality: Taryn is down-to-earth and always tries to help out wherever she can. Her happy-go-lucky attitude is partly due to being a lifemate to a green, and partly was her attitude before she Impressed.

History: Taryn is another weyrbrat that was the result of a green/brown mating flight. At the age of 14, she was considered old enough to be a candidate. She failed to Impress twice before finally being one of the first to Impress in the clutch. She has completed weyrling training and recently requested a transfer for herself and her green, Elith, to the new Weyr in the south, Leyhan. It was gladly granted, because her wingleader thought that she was too impulsive and would get herself and Elith killed during a Threadfall.

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Elith
Dragon Age: 7
Colour: Green
Rank: Searchrider
Appearance: A large, yet lithe, green dragon of the brightest olive colour. Her jeweled eyes normally sparkle with a content blue-green that reminds everyone of the ocean.

Personality: Elith is just another normal green, flirty with all the male dragons around and generally happy-go-lucky.

[Owned by Erica]