Weyrwoman Xalleran

Persona information
Persona Name: Xalleran
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 25
Birthingday: Month 5, Day 4
Rank/Craft: Weyrwoman/Gold rider/2nd child of a Lord Holder
Current Location: Leyhan Weyr
Place of birth: Bitra Hold
Identifying marks: She has a scar down her back from an 'accident' in her old home.

Appearance: Xalleran is tall and thin, she appears quiet and solemn most of the time. Her thick black hair is usually kept in a plait. She can sometimes appear too tall, people consider her lanky. But she is noticed a lot, which is something she thoroughly enjoys. People generally try to be nice around her, as she appears the sort of person who will not put up with any messing around.

Personality: Xalleran is quiet and serious; she will watch arguments rather than take part. She won't answer people if they say something ridiculous, but they'll know that they were wrong simply by watching her expression, she seems to put light to the saying 'silence speaks louder than words.'

A lot of people say that she is very similar to Kedrana and it has often been rumoured they are related.

Xalleran can be a good friend but not to those who are too easy to hurt. She will never lie to someone even if she knows it will hurt them. She can be harsh in her comments, as she wastes no time in pointing out the truth no matter how tactless.

Although many people consider her vindictive because of these traits she is in fact simply too serious. She has grown up to know that even if you lie with the best of intentions it will always come back at you.

Xalleran doesn't like to get close to people in case they hurt her or get hurt themselves.

History: Xalleran was the 2nd child of the lord holder of Bitra. Her father only wanted boys, so that they could take over from him even if one died. Xalleran grew up being told how much of a waste of space she was, her family spent all of their time telling her how 'she should have been a boy.'

Her older brothers gambling sent the family into terrible dept. When her father found out her brother had been gambling again he would go into a mad rage and lash out at anyone who was near, although that always seemed to be Xalleran.

Xalleran tried to become an apprentice smith but her father who strictly believed the woman's place was at home stopped her plans.

Xalleran's mother knew how Xalleran felt. Her marriage had been arranged and she spent her internal life despising her oppressive husband, while openly being forced to support him.

When Xalleran was 18 her father was in a particularly bad mood when he found her, she fell from a high balcony by 'accident' and broke a lot of her bones a long with getting a scar across her back.

When Xalleran was fit again her mother told her to run away. Xalleran did so, although she had no idea where to go, after days spent in forests and wilderness with very little food Xalleran felt she couldn't go on.

Finally as she was on the brink of death a bronze rider found Xalleran, on his way back from meeting with some other weyrleaders. D'nan was about to take Xalleran to Bitra hold, which was the nearest. When Xalleran in a delirious state spoke repeatedly don't take me home.

D'nan had no other choice but to take Xalleran to the weyr. It took her many months to get back to full health; she hadn't even known how close to death she had been. Xalleran became close to the bronze rider who found her, for a while she felt her life was finally complete.

But her father found out Xalleran was at the weyr, he fumed as he realised someone had taken his 'property'. Her father sent a spy to poison D'nan. 2 weeks later D'nan died of a mysterious illness, Xalleran suspected the truth but had no proof to show. 20 years old now Xalleran again found herself with no destination, looking to an empty future as an old hag. Finally the headwoman suggested she go to the new weyr being set up in the south.

Xalleran went to Leyhan weyr after 1 month of being there she was told there was a clutch on the sands, she didn't think she would impress but she went to stand at the hatching anyway. Before she even knew what it meant Xalleran impressed gold Veranth. Suddenly Xalleran found she was happy again, but she never got too close to people or told them her history.

Relations: Xalleran has 5 brothers 1 older than her; she doesn't see her family who lives in Bitra hold. Xalleran is cautious about making friends and many people don't like her.

Other information: Xalleran likes to wear fine clothes, some that she makes herself. She sticks very true to what she likes and is very tough to change.

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Veranth
Dragon Age: 5
Colour: Gold
Rank: Weyrwoman/wingleader
Hatch date: 24/11/01
Parents: Relth/Baynarth
Appearance: Veranth is a very large dragon even for a gold. Her colour is a very dark gold. She can sometimes seem a little odd as she tries to curl up into a smaller shape to sleep.

Personality: Veranth is a quiet dragon, though she is very authoritative, she doesn't settle for anyone making mistakes and puts other dragons down very quickly. She is very protective of Xalleran; she will watch anyone who is near her very closely, a fact that makes anyone who is there feel truly nervous.

She can sometimes be a bit over careful and can assume people are trying to hurt Xalleran even if they just pat her back.

Pet Information
Pet#1 Name: Dragon
Pet#1 Type: Canine
Pet#1 Age: 3
Appearance: Dragon is a very large canine with dark shaggy hair. Dragon has a strange white patch on his left front paw, which looks quiet ridiculous on such a vicious large canine.

Personality: He will growl at anyone for weeks until he gets to know them. He finds much pleasure in annoying Veranth, though in actual fact he seems to like her since he sleeps on her couch.

Dragon can be quite annoying at times to other people as he likes to be in the thick of things, and is not the sort of canine who will patiently wait outside.

Xalleran found Dragon abandoned 3 years ago, and although she was simply going to let him go, he has grown on her so much she feels she couldn't let him go now.
[Owned by Karen]