Journeyman woodcrafter/Green Weyrling Z'aeyn

Persona information

Persona Name: Z'aeyn
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Age: 17
Birthingday: Turns end
Rank/Craft: Journeyman woodcrafter/Weyrling
Current Location: Leyhan weyr
Place of birth: Nerat

Appearance: Zinaeyn has pale almost white hair that is kept long and tied at the nape of his neck to keep it out of his way. His bright noticeable hair is topped by bright green eyes, which have a worrying habit of changing colour slightly depending on the light. His face is thin and sharp, with a long elegant pointed nose and thin eyes, along with a sharp jaw leading to a chin that juts out slightly. He is by no means handsome, but he had a neat finished look to him, as though he were carved with every piece of him matching perfectly.

He is of average height, which he is thankful for, as with such a face if he were also tall he would resemble a bean pole. As it is he is only 5ft 8" ish, with a fairly muscled body that he tries to keep in shape by working when he can. He has long thin and fairly delicate hands and fingers; they are clearly the hands of an artist and not a labourer, though this is clearly noticeable merely from looking at his face.

Personality: Though not apposed to the normal duties such as cleaning and building when necessary, Zinaeyn would be much happier caving his beautiful images and shapes. His room is a menagerie of wooden animals in all shapes sizes and life poses, most are incredibly life like, though some are more... abstract. His most treasured works are his dragons and firelizards, of which there are... a lot. They are in every position and movement imaginable.

He is quiet and unimposing he is far happier to sit and shape something out of wood, than make what he considers a very difficult effort to socialise. He is a long way form a social butterfly, in fact he is useless, he continually says the wrong things, he never fits in and quiet frequently ends up unconscious after saying exactly what he thinks; something that is never wise in any situation.

History: Zinaeyn was grew up drawing and when he learnt, he started carving those pictures, he loved to put real life into tangible shapes, perhaps because he was afraid to go out and experience real life for himself. His father died whilst he was young and his mother a master woodcrafter, encouraged his interest in the woodcraft. He had an incredible aptitude for wood; it seemed to make impossible shapes under the guidance of him feminine hands.

Though his carvings were usually more pleasing to the eye than practical, he excelled at the woodcraft and graduated almost as soon as he turned 17. Though he hardly ever sold anything, despite their beauty he was too shy to show them to people. He had planned simply to remain anonymous making his pretty carvings to till you could no longer see the walls of his room.

The fact that he never socialised with anyone meant that nobody noticed his lack of interest in the woman of the hold and hall, while others his age were out courting. And he swiftly turned down the interest of those suitors his mother found for him.

He was shocked when a searchrider came from the south and decided he would make a good candidate, though he was awed and excited his shyness would have kept him at home. He knew he would not impress a bronze or brown as his mother hoped, he doubted he would impress at all, he knew he was interested in men rather than women, but he was an only child and knew his mother wanted him to give her grandchildren. Finally it was his mother that persuaded him to go, and as with the rest of his life, he was unable to do anything to let her down.

Other information: He put all of his carving into many boxes and put them into storage until he either left or had is own weyr, he was loath to be apart from them.

Relations: Father Zinane (deceased)
Mother Releayni Master woodcrafter, Nerat

Dragon Information

Dragon Name: Neniatath
Dragon Age: 0
Colour: Green
Rank: Weyrling
Hatch date: D09 / M06 / PP07
Parents: Gold Veranth/Bronze Werynth

Description: Neniatath is the oposite of her rider, she is flitasious and outgowing, talking constantly and always wanting attention. Neniatath looks forward to her first mating flight far more than her rider.

Neniatath is a pale grassy green, with even lighter wings and tail, she is fairly small all over, but with a slightly larger head, all the better for talking with.

[Owned by Emma]