Master Vintner

Persona information

Persona Name: Lonac
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 33
Birthingday: Month 12, Day 24
Rank/Craft: Master/Ex dragonrider
Current Location: Nikeran Hold
Place of birth: Ista Weyr

Identifying marks: Thread score down his right side, leaving him blind in one eye and with a slight limp in his right leg.

Appearance: Despite being only 32, the turns have taken their toll on Lonac; he looks far older than he is. His once strong, handsome face is marred by the scar across his right eye.

His dark brown hair matches his dark eyes and dark tanned skin well. His limp makes him appear weak and fragile, but he is far from it. He may appear a beaten man, but his heart is still strong and he is very difficult to beat down.

No matter what happens a sadness always shows in his eyes, a deep hurt from the loss of his dragon. He tends to go through life rather than live it and on many occasions he has been seen drinking himself to sleep, sometimes to the verge of never waking up again.

Personality: Lonac is quiet and introverted; he very rarely expresses joy in anything he does. He is a natural at his craft and specialises in some of the more high quality white wines, but no matter how good he becomes it is clear to anyone that he would far rather be a no body with his Zirtyth.

Lonac doesn't laugh easily and so tends to keep to himself, he is smart and well taught and yet appears to a be an uneducated vintner due to his lack of conversation.

On those rare occasions when Lonac does make friends he will be a good friend to have, most people feel much safer with his support, though it is not gained lightly.

He had been a loyal friend to Saberian when he lived in the north. The deep sense of loyalty was one of the only strong emotions (other than sadness) that Lonac really shows.

History: Lonac was born at Ista Weyr; his mother and father were both dragon riders and so fostered him to a young vintner couple when he was born.

Lonac grew up happily with Loriella and Rackerin, and it was found from a very young age that he had a natural affinity with all plants especially grapes.

As soon as he was 13 turns old Lonac was apprenticed to the vintner craft, he walked the tables a year early at the age of 16 and soon found himself in a craft he truly loved.

His life was changed forever when a fire at his cothold left all his foster family dead.

Lonac's dragonrider parents came and took him back to the weyr with them, but Lonac found there was nothing for him to do at the weyr. Until he was searched for a hatching, but he failed to impress and again found life dripping by him.

Though he was tempted to leave the weyr his parents persuaded him to stay and he stood again on the hatching sands at the age of 17, this time he was overjoyed when he impressed the final dragon out of it's shell, bronze Zirtyth.

Zirtyth flew a young gold from a different weyr at the age of 2. Consequently the Goldrider had a child with L'nac, L'nac wanted to keep the child and raise young Jernayn himself. However the Goldrider persuaded him to foster the boy away, L'nac never saw the boy again.

It was soon apparent that L'nac took to the dragon rider life as he did winemaking. By the age of 23 he was a wingleader of one of the lower wings, which to L'nac was the most incredible thing he could imagine.

2 turns later during Threadfall a mistake by his wingsecond and a slight misjudgement of his trajectory landed Zirtyth and L'nac in the middle of a large clump of thread.

Both dragon and rider were seriously injured as soon as they landed it was clear Zirtyth's injuries were fatal, and the dragon jumped /between/. Lonac was devastated, and for nearly 2 months healers feared he too would die, but after a while he showed improvement and eventually they decided he would live.

However Lonac could no longer remain at the weyr. His old friend Saberian, whom he and Zirtyth had once saved, invited him to come to a new hold in the south with he and his brother.
But Lonac couldn't be near anything that reminded him of his old life and of Zirtyth so he refused, and became a vintner in the north. It wasn't until he heard that Saberian's brother had died that he was finally persuaded to go.

But event after event caused Lonac to remain in the north, it wasn't until a turn or two later at the age of 32 he has finally arrived at his old friends hold. Lonac remained at Nikeran hold even when lord Saberian died, at 33 he was made master vintner of the Nikeran vintner hall.

After meeting a strange woman on the road, he was forced to sober up and a week later she managed to trick him into impressing a flit from the clutch she'd brought with her a Gold.

Relations: Lonac has few friends besides the Lord hold of Nikeran.
He considered his foster parents his family until they died in a fire.
He has a son aged 14 called Jernayn, who he hasn't seen since his birth.

Other Information: Lonac's son Jernayn now 14 turns old still lives in the north as far as Lonac knows, but he still has no contact with his son, or the family that fostered him.

Pet Information

Pet#1 Name: Oraik
Pet#1 Type: Runner beast
Pet#1 Age: 3
Pet#1 Appearance: A tall sturdy young stallion that Lonac's foster brother in the north bread and gave him as a gift. He is a beautiful white colour, with a strangely black mane and tail.

He is very large for his breed, as he was bread from race horses; but has an incredible stamina, Lonac suspects he may have had some long distance runner beast in his family history. Though it must have been far back as the horse is from a thoroughbred line, and Lonac's brother knew most of its family history.

Pet#1 Personality: The beautiful white runner is deadly loyal to his owner, and is liable to bite anyone else who tries to get near him.

He can be temperamental at times, and generally likes to do his own thing. Even Lonac has trouble keeping him under control at times, but he is a good strong runner who does not tire easily.

Pet Information

Pet#1 Name: Zirty
Pet#1 Type: Firelizard
Firelizard colour: Gold
Pet#1 Age: 0
Pet#1 Appearance: Zirty is a large bright gold with dark almost bronze wings, she has large eyes and a rather long tail, perfect for strangling Lonac. She has oddly coloured wings to the rest of her body, though she would only consider it a good feature of course.

Pet#1 Personality: She is flighty and easily excitable she barely stops for a minute and can be rather infuriating at times, she is thoroughly devoted to Lonac and spends almost all her time with him. She is a very proud gold though, and wastes no time in asserting her authority. She will snap at anyone and anything if she does not feel they do not show her the proper respect, which has got her in trouble more often than not.

[Owned by Emma]