Senior Apprentice beastcrafter Urandil

Persona information

Persona Name: Urandil
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 16
Birthingday: Month 1, Day 18
Rank/Craft: Senior Apprentice Beastcrafte
Current Location: Nikeran Hold
Place of birth: Keroon Hold

Identifying marks: Urandil has a small birthmark behind his left ear.

Appearance: Urandil is a wiry, dark haired boy with dark brown eyes and a pale complexion.

He's only 5'6" at the moment, but he's at the start of a growth spurt so he'll grow much taller in the future.

Personality: Urandil is a lively and happy boy who loves life and makes the most if it. Urandil's real passion is for the beastcraft. Since he was little he has been fascinated by animals, including the mighty dragons of Pern.

He's a well known prankster at Nikeran Hold, but his pranks are never designed to hurt anyone as he is not a malicious person.

Not many things make him angry, but if he catches anyone mistreating an animal, great or small, they had better hope they can outrun the vengeful apprentice as he is a remarkably fast runner.

History: Urandil was the fifth son born to Journeyman healer Uranral and his wife Dilhana. Being the youngest of five siblings, he was always 'molly-coddled' by his protective parents and so had very little independence.

From a young age, Urandil was fascinated by animals, constantly following the family felines and canines and watching their behaviour, so it came as no surprise that he apprenticed to the Beastcraft Hall as soon as he was old enough.

There he studied under Journeyman Galuhn for a turn, but when Galuhm was killed in a stampede, it was decided that Urandil needed a change of scenery. In less than a month, the apprentice was saying a tearful farewell to his parents and travelling to the South; to Nikeran Hold where he was to study under Senior Journeywoman Beastcrafter Mayi.

It was the first time he had been away from his parents in his entire life, but he soon adapted, making many friends at the hold. In time his reputation for good-natured pranks became wide-spread, even though he was never caught.

He has recently become a senior apprentice and Senior Journeywoman Mayi had high hopes that he will reach Journeyman status as soon as he comes of age.

Relations: Journeyman Healer Uranral - father
Dilhana - mother
Dilran - eldest sister
Hanral - brother (2nd child)
Anaur - brother (3rd child)
Urana - sister (4th child)
Senior Journeywoman Beastcrafter - mentor

Other Information: JUrandil is the current title holder in the sprint at Nikeran Holds' gathers in his age group.

Pet Information

Pet#1 Name: Yaril
Pet#1 Type: Firelizard
Firelizard Colour: Brown
Pet#1 Age: 3
Pet#1 Appearance: Yaril is a large mud brown firelizard. He is missing one of his digits on his left foot because of an accident when he was hatched.

Pet#1 Personality: Yaril was a present from his parents when he left home to become an apprentice so he could keep in touch with them.

He's a funny character, although very good about obeying orders and delivering messages - even if he does have to be bribed to do so.

Pet#2 Name: Orili
Pet#2 Type: Feline
Pet#2 Age: 4
Pet#2 Appearance: Orili is a snowy white colour with a small black slodge on her tummy. She only has three legs because, when Urandil found her, her front left leg had been damaged beyond repair by some cruel holdboys.

Pet#2 Personality: Orili acts as though Urandil's room is actually _her_ room and makes it quite clear that she just about tolerates Yaril invading her space (probably because the brown firelizard is nice an warm to snuggle up to when sleeping).

She doesn't even notice her missing limb, jumping and pouncing like any other feline.

[Owned by Chantelle]