Headwoman Yazni

Persona information

Persona Name: Yazni
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 39
Birthingday: Month 10, Day 10
Rank/Craft: Ex head of a trader caravan/Headwoman
Current Location: Nikeran Hold
Place of birth: Keroon Hold

Appearance: Yazni is by no means tall and with a well filled out body she looks like a slightly short plump woman. She by no means looks her age, with not a single grey strand in her shocking dark red hair, which she usually keeps tied back though its thick wavy nature means it rarely stays there. She has deep grey eyes that are brilliant at knowing everything that's going on.

She has a fairly large bust, and after having 3 children she certainly no longer retains her youthful figure, not that she was ever thin. She has a round face with thick eyebrows and thin lips; she has the sort of face that brooks no argument when she tells someone what to do.

Personality: Yazni is friendly to a point, she will take to nonsense and almost appears to have eyes in the back of her head as she almost always seems to know what it going on, even when she isn't in the room. She is commanding where-ever she goes and after running a trading caravan for nearly 15 turns she knows just how to take charge of a situation, you might say she was bossy, she'd probably agree.

She can't abide laziness or mess, and will furiously organise and tidy everything, everyone and everywhere it is possible to do so, and some places it is not possible to do so. She is never short of words and knows exactly what to say to get people to do what she wants and she always knows what she wants, or at least she would never let on if she didn't.

History: Born to a trader family Yazni followed in the family tradition as all her family did. She was the youngest of 5, three brothers and 1 sister; she was therefore never expected to take over the caravan, but after her sister left to join the harper hall against her family's wishes. Her brothers and father died of illness in the same turn she was shockingly left in charge at the age of 21, her mother had died years before and she found herself in charge of the caravan with no family around her.

But Yazni was never one to give up, she soon manages to take charge and before long, despite initial resistance she is running the caravan with as much of as iron fist as her late farther. After running the caravan for just 2 turns Yazni has her first child by the caravan's journeyman weaver, but despite his continually asking she refuses to join with him. She has 2 more children from another man she again refuses to be joined with.

Though she tries to stop them when her children are old enough all of them decide to leave the caravan to take up a craft, Yazni is again left alone with no family. On a trip to Nikeran hold on turn her caravan is attacked by bandits, those that aren't killed run away and only Yazni remains to escape later with the flit eggs they had found. She runs to Nikeran hold and meets the vintner Lonac on her way. Against his better wishes he helps her and lets her stay with him, they soon form an odd relationship, and after impressing the remaining flits Lonac pushes her into becoming the Headwoman for Nikeran hold as she has little chance of gaining a caravan again.

Relations: Sister 45, Journeywoman harper Faizini
Son 16, apprentice Harper Yarinar
Daughter 14, apprentice Healer
Son 13, apprentice Herder

Pet Information

Pet#1 Name: Earin
Pet#1 Type: Firelizard
Firelizard colour: Brown
Pet#1 Age: 0
Pet#1 Appearance: He is a soft light brown colour, rather large for a brown though he certainly doesn't have the personality to mach. He has large wings and powerful legs and spends most of his time flying around.

Pet#1 Personality: Earin is shy and quiet, he acquiesces to anyone and everyone and never argues, this is perhaps best when living with as domineering gold as Zirty is. He is friendly with everyone though he is rarely the one to make the first move, and he seems to dote on Zirty and follows her all the time, even stranger still she seems not to mind.

[Owned by Emma]