Kerlostet Trader Caravan

What is a trader caravan? for those who don't know or aren't sure, they will basically transport and trade goods and news between all locations, they are usually run by a family with other non-family members also. They vary greatly in size from 1 to 6 or more caravans. Their caravans would be various types of cart (i.e. prairie settlers of America type); someone would own each (so that if someone left or joined, their caravan/cart goes with them). Only trader families have a second name on Pern, this will be the name of their caravan. Any type of craft journeyperson may be a member of a caravan.

The traders can transport messages and packages that runners can't carry or were too expensive for runner service, to all locations including minor holds. The Caravan is also a way for people most ordinary people to travel (those who can't get a dragonrider's services). Aside from trading any sort of good they feel like (though some may specialise) they would also transport tithes to the Weyr, and coal and ores from the mines to the smiths or were ever-else they are needed, they of course make a profit on this.

Name Rank Craft Owner

ONPC Tylonel Kerlostet Head of Caravan Journeywoman weaver Emma L
NPC Nylane Kerlostet Second and heir of caravan (Tylonel's grandson) Trader OPEN
NPC Gedyn Kerlostet Tylonel's grandson in law Journeyman Smith OPEN
NPC Elzari Kerlostet Tylonel's great-granddaughter Trader child OPEN
NPC Zaeryn Adopted by caravan as gaurd Trader in training OPEN