Hired Guard/Trader Klydena

Persona information

Persona Name: Klydena
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 26
Birthingday: Month 8, Day 19
Rank/Craft: Trader/Hired Guard
Current Location: Moves from place to place
place of birth: High reaches Hold
Identifying marks: Scar across her tight cheek

Appearance: Klydena has short dark brown hair contrasting her grey eyes. Her square jaw and high cheek bones set her out immediately as someone who will not stand for anything.

Many people comment on how Klydena seems to try to make herself look more like a man. She keeps her hair cropped short and wears trousers.

Klydena isn't terribly tall or strong looking but she makes up for it by looking like she is, she rides a horse straight and sit sharply never taking her eyes away from her. She carries a dagger by her side at all times and another in her shoe.

Personality: Klydena is cautious of people, never trusting them or letting down her guard no matter where she is. Her sure and capable appearance is often used to hide her internal fear that she won't be there when trouble happens, or be strong enough to stop it.

Klydena doesn't like to make too many friends as she knows better than any that people can die any time. She also spends her life on the road and fears she would have to leave at any time.

Klydena guards the caravans she hires to very carefully, though she is known to be over cautious.

History: Growing up in a trader family, Klydena spent her life on the road, she grew up moving from place to place, and only getting to know those on her caravan.

When she was 12 she went on a camping trip with her mother. They returned to find raiders had attacked their caravan. The ground was littered with burning caravans and dead bodies.

Klydena and her mother tried to salvage what they could, putting out fires and burying dead family. But The raiders had not gone, they returned to find Klydena and her mother.

Klydena's mother was raped, in an attempt to save her Klydena escaped the man who was holding her and grabbed a knife. But Klydena was only 12 years old, another raider came up behind her and cut her across the cheek with the knife she had picked up.

That night Klydena and her mother managed to escape, but the raiders found them missing and went after them. To save her daughter Klydena's mother was forced to turn back and hold them off to give Klydena time to escape.

Frightened and alone Klydena was found by another trader family, they adopted her as one of their own, and at Klydena's request taught her how to defend herself.

Klydena vowed never to be away or too weak again. She spent her life moving from traders to traders as a hired guard, most didn't realise she was a girl and those that did either kept it a secret or found a tunnel snake in tent.

When she was 26 Klydena heard about a boat leaving for the new colonies in the southern continent. Klydena decided to go there and search for work.

Relations: Klydena's family was killed in a raider attack when she was 12.
Klydena doesn't like to make friends as she moves around so much and doesn't trust anyone.

Other information: Klydena is a hired guard and will work for anyone who pays her well, though she has to know what sort of people they are first. She likes to make people think she is a man and uses the alias Klyden.

Pet Information
Pet#1 Name: Aigen
Pet#1 Type: Runner Beast
Pet#1 Age: 4
Appearance: Aigen is a large black runner beast. Klydena saved up all her money for years to buy a runner beast. But she found herself still unable to buy the one she wanted 'Aigen'. Klydena was forced to work for Aigen's owners to afford him.

His beautiful jet black body and his strong tough appearance had captivated her.

Personality: Aigen in a cautious one rider sort of horse, he is deadly loyal to Klydena but would not let anyone else near him. His sharp unswerving appearance can change drastically when Klydena is in danger.
[Owned by Emma]