The Rules & guidelines will be changing a lot to begin with until we get things right so don't be surprised if things change, lol.

1. You must post at least 1 post every pern months for each PC character you own!

2. Rank will depend on the quality of persona sheet!

3. You can not use anyone else's PC characters without permission, or in a copost.

4. You should never write anything about someone elses persona without their permition unless it is simply mentioning a mating flight etc that happened.

5. You can not mention any of the characters or events from any of Anne's books, this is one of her rules and so we will respect it. Although you may post a story in the northern locations you character can not live there

6. Dragons do NOT fight, under any circumstances NEVER, the event with the two golds mating flights at the same time from Anne's book was a one off, that she herself created. Dragons also do not have the same idea of rank as humans do, this is purely a human concept

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