Leyhan Weyr

Leyhan Weyr is built into a large Valley beside a mountain range that separates it from Deep mountain hold.

Individual weyrs are located in caves around the edges of the steep sided valley. The center is taken up by the weyrbowl, bathing lake, and 3 fairly large hatching sands, and the weyrling barracks. Carved into almost the very top of the valley sides in a ledge where important weyr meetings are held and the star-stone.

The kitchens, store rooms and dinning cavern are all in the lower cavarns that open out onto the weyrbowl. Around the outside of the valley are various crafthalls and cotholds for non riders.

Map of Leyhan Weyr

Note: There are many more positions (including non-riders) than are noted here! Simply fill the position in on your persona sheet.

  • PC - Playing Character
  • NPC - Non Playing Character (can be adopted)
  • RNPC - Replaceable NPC (can be adopted or replaced)
  • ONPC - Owned NPC (can not be used in stories without permission of owner)

Weyr management

Dragon riders
Golden Wing (Queens wing)
Thread score wing (Weyrleader's wing)
Silver light wing
Jewelled claw wing
Weyrling wing