Posting Guidlines

The Rules & guidelines change continually to fit in with what works in the club and new ideas

=/*\=Dragon riders=/*\=
=/*\=Holds and Holders=/*\=


1. Your persona can not be one of Anne's characters or related to them in any way.
Your persona's name must not be the same or similar to any other member's character you can check names on the 'used names' list. The names you use should not resemble earth names, or be funny names such as bobo, don't forget this is not earth and they would not use earth like names! Only dragon names can end in 'th' come on we all know this!

2. Character age limits:
3. Ranking positions will be given out on the basis of a good posting record and occasionally for competitions they also need a good persona sheet. New members may apply for ranking positions and may recieve them depending on the rank and persona sheet (see personas needed for more info).
But always remember there are non-ranking positions and personally I think these are more fun to write for sometimes! Each member may not have more than 4 ranking positions to begin with, and you must have at least 1 non-ranker.

4. For locations, basically dragon riders live in the weyrs unless you are a Watchrider! Others can go anywhere they choose.

5. Very important: NO PERFECT CHARACTERS, no one likes these, least of all me. And they don't exist! So if you create one don't expect them to have any rank and possibly be sent back to you to correct (I can be very picky if there is a character that is far too unrealy to exist).

6. If there are any problems with your character form (cause lets face it I can't think of everything here, and everybody makes mistakes) your form will be sent back with helpful suggestions.

7. Members can have up to 10 PC (playing characters) characters, as long as they are out of apprenticeship with their previous character. You can have as many NPC (non-playing characters) as you like, these are sort of props in your stories. If you want one of your NPC characters put on the main page send them via the mail-webmaster page with as much information about them as you feel like giving.

NPC characters can be freely used by anyone in stories as long as you stick true to their information. If the character has an 'O' next to their name this means they are 'owned' and can not be used, except by the person that created them.

NPC characters can also be 'adopted' as PC's to do this simply fill out the join form with whatever information is given and whatever you wish to add (ANPC). Some NPC's can be replaced altogether by another PC these will have an 'R' next to their name, these can of course also be adopted. These are generally just there to full up space but if these RNPC's are important e.g. Lord holder it can be difficult to replace because the old NPC must first be written out of the club, *grin*. Although I have to say I enjoy writing them out.

Each character can have up to 3 pets (no more) and only 2 firelizards, dragonriders and dolphineers can only have two pets (they already have a dragon or dolphin to care for). You can't have more than 1 metallic coloured flit. Gold firelizards are awarded by council/webmaster through competitions when a clutch is found. Bronze firelizards need a good profile to be awarded or earned through posting points. If you have 3 characters all with bronze firelizards don't expect to receive another one as the metallic colours are rare and we don't want a club full of them!

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Dragon riders

1. If there is a clutch on the sands and you wish to impress one of these there are 2 options!
    a) You can create a new weyrling persona to impress
    b) One of your current characters can be searched
If there are more applicants than eggs people will be chosen via a number of ways including the quality of persona sheet. You can create a candidate who does not impress (they can impress later)!

2. I'm sure most of you know the partnering system for dragons but I'll say it just in case.
3. Dragon riders must go on sweep riding every now and then, the wing duties including sweeps can be found by clicking on the wing's title on the persona pages. A list of Threadfalls is also marked on the 'weather & date' page. Clutch charts can be found on the Clutch pages

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Holds and holders

1. A record of events such as gathers can be found on the 'storylines' page

2. We work on a system similar to the real pern. If you wish to have a hold position that is not available at the current Holds you can petition the council/webmaster to set up a new hold. This generally means you want to create a new holder BUT other circumstances are considered.

When petitioning for a hold give an idea of the following: why you're creating the hold, a rough idea of names for it, what is it's primary produce (e.g. Deep mountain hold is a Miner hold), a brief description of the hold, where you would like it to be e.t.c. The more detailed and accurate the description the more it improves your chances.

Petitions can be sent simply by the 'e-mail webmaster page'

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Crafts and Crafters

1. You can be a crafter anywhere basically e.g. Master smith at Nikeran Hold or a weyr. But if you want to be at the main Craft Hall in the southern continent things are a bit different. It is similar to the system of holds, if there is already a hall for that craft well you're away, lol. If that craft does not have a hall then you can create one! Working on this system the obvious conclusion is that to begin with there will be no halls! This is true, but if you want to create one simply go to the e-mail webmaster page and do so! You don't have to be the craftmaster to create a new hall, you don't even have to be a master, you just have to have a character in that craft or are going to create one. Some holds already have a description that includes the main craft there, if they do you must create the Mastercrafthall at that location!

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1. Well first, there is a posting requirement of at least 1 post per a pern month for each character you own, this is not effected by how many characters you own! Although council members are allowed a remiss as they have other duties.

2. All posts should have the following information
Location (an abbreviation of locations is below):
Persona(s) (You must include all PC's participating in the writing of the story):
Date (can be found on the 'weather & date page'):
Weather (found on same page as date):
Date released:
(body of story)
(signature block should contain:)
Your name
The names, ranks & locations of all you characters
;Your e-mail address (how else can people send comments!)

3. You can not use anyone else's PC characters without permission. Do not write anything malicious or cruel things about any other character.

4. Your posts must be at least 1 page, and roughly no longer than 2 pages, if it is too long split it into more than one post. All posts should be spell checked and proof read before posting! It saves everyone time and makes it easier to read!

5. Storylines:
So what do you post about, well it's basically just your characters life. Sometimes the club will have large Storylines such as the smith hall burning down, lol. These can be found on the 'storylines' page. To post for a main storyline you must first wait for the control post! If you want to create a major storyline simply e-mail it to the webmaster/council, trust me storylines are always wanted so any ideas are great.

6.Storylines requiring webmaster/council approval:

6. The subject line of your story should contain
The location of the post (abbreviations below)- Title and number if in a series.
e.g. NH: The beginning (2)

Location abbreviations (When new locations are created they will be added here):
7. Stories can be written in NPC locations and you can be born there but You can not live at an NPC location

8. NPC locations can be turned into PC Holds in the same way new holds are created! But you will have to keep with the current NPCs there unless they are 'RNPC's'

9. All stories should be written in the following style as this makes it easier for everyone:
/between/ For writing about the dragons /between/
_emphasis_ To make a point more serious or stressed
**Thought** Human thoughts and human to dragon speach
:{Speach}: Dragon speach
~~flits~~ Firelizard speach (firelizards speak in ideas)
CAPITALS for SHOUTING or otherwise inmportant comments
...whisper... messages For whispering or paused speach (e.g. stuttering)

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