A table showing the mating flights, hatchings and threafalls for the current turn can be found here.

About dragons

It was within the Weyrs that the greatest social revolution took place for the needs of the dragons took priority over all other considerations. Of the dragons, the gold and green were female, the bronze, brown, and blue male. Of the female dragons, only the golden were fertile; the greens were rendered sterile by the chewing of firestone, which was as well since the sexual proclivities of the small greens would soon have resulted in overpopulation. They were the most agile, however, and invaluable as fighters of Thread, fearless and aggressive. The blue males were sturdier than their smaller sisters while the browns and bronzes had the staying power for long arduous battles against Thread. In theory the great golden fertile queens were mated with whichever dragon could catch them in their strenuous mating flight. Generally speaking the bronzes did the honour. So that the rider of the bronze dragon who flew the senior queen of a Weyr became its leader and had charge of the fighting Wings during a Pass. The rider of the senior queen dragon however, held the most responsibility for the Weyr during and after a Pass when it was the Weyrwoman's job to nurture and preserve the dragons, to sustain and improve the Weyr and all its folk. A strong Weyrwoman was essential to the survival of the Weyr as dragons were to the survival of Pern.

To her fell the task of supplying the Weyr, fostering its children, and Searching for likely candidates from hall and Hold to pair with the newly hatched dragonets. As life in the Weyrs was not only prestigious but easier for woman and men alike; hold and hall were proud to have their children taken on Search and boasted of the illustrious members of the Bloodline who had became dragon riders.
Taken from various Pern Prologues

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About dragons

The dragons were genetically engineered by Kitty Ping using what is known as Metasynth. Because they were genetically engineered their trates are FIXED, they were designed to be the way they are, this is why we don't have anything weird such as female bronzeriders.

Metasynth was also used on dolphins, it increases their inteligence and gave them the ability to communicate with humans, presumably the same thing occured when dragons were engineered from their firelizard cousins. This is what gives dragons the ability to communicate properly to their riders. While flits only communicate in images. Metasynth also allowed the dragons telepathically pick out the most suitable candidate at their hatching. The dragonets would recognise only a partner that gave out the appropriete signs for its sex, hence only feminine males impress greens.

The metasynth gave the dragons more intelligence and telepathy but reduced their memory, they must therefore be constantly reminded of things by their riders.

They have distinct personalities compatible to those they impress, straps a required to ride dragons for anything other than general rides.

Ichor Green, based on copper, like tunnel snakes and wherries.

Appearence Shorter forelimbs that are more arm-like. A stronger endoskeleton to be comfortable stood upright. Massive muscles on back legs. Their wings are translucent membranes stretched over their third pair of arm-like appendages like bat wings, the membrane looks fragile but is thicker around the bones.

Dragon eye colours and emotions
Green/Blue Contentment
Yellow Alarm
Red Anger
Depending on their wakefullness they can have one, two or three pairs of eyelids closed.

The informtion below pages comes from 'The Dragonlover's guide to Pern'.

Skin colours are based on the amount of nickel, cobalt, and iron. Sick or ill dragons and flits have dull skin.

Dragon information
Colour Length at maturity Age of maturity Colour variation Descriptions
Gold 38-42ft 2 turns Pale yellow gold, to dark antique gold The queens do not breath fire and so their riders use flamethrowers during threadfall and fly low at the bottom of the fightwings to catch any remaining Thread that has been missed. They are the largest and strongest and only rise to mate when they have to. She is also less easy to catch than a green and therefore is only caught by the strongest, fastest and smartest bronze. As is mentioned in several books the higher the flight takes her the longer the time for impregnation and so the larger and better the clutch. Also the compatibility of the riders is reflected in the clutch size, the better together they are, the better the clutch.
Bronze 35-38ft 2 turns All have a golden-green sheen, but a few are nearly as dark as browns They are the strongest and have more stamina than the others as well as more powerfull flames.
Brown 30-35ft 3 turns From tan to chocolate coloured Browns are stronger than any but bronze with stronger bursts of flame than green and blue.
Green 20-25ft 18 months Show nearly the whole spectrum of green shades Greens are small and are the fastest and most manouverable, they generally fly only half a fall and only go back if needed. But they are usually more numerous than any other colour and are therefor good for saving those less manouverable from thread during the fall. They very afectionate and flitatious and though they will mate with any colour they would not form permanant bonds with bronzes usually as these would always hope to fly a queen. They mate frequently.
Blue 25-30ft 18 months Show nearly the whole spectrum of blue shades Blues are stronger than greens and have a wider thrust of flame, they also can last an entire fall.
Firelizard information
Colour Length at maturity Age of maturity Colour variation
Gold 38-45inches 6 months Pale yellow gold, to dark antique gold, occasional white markings
Bronze 35-38inches 6 months All have a golden-green sheen, but a few are nearly as dark as browns with occasional white markings
Brown 30-35inches 4 months From tan to chocolate coloured with occasional white markings
Green 20-25inches 4 months Show nearly the whole spectrum of green shades with occasional white markings
Blue 25-30inches 4 months Show nearly the whole spectrum of blue shades with occasional white markings

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General Information

Weyr Rank Symbols
Weyrleader Dragon
Weyrwoman Dragon
Wingleader Double bars
Wingsecond Single bar
Dragonrider Single stribe
Weyrlingmaster Diamond
Weyrling Inverted stribe
Weyrwoman Gold star

Fighting Thread

Dragonriders fight at a distance greater than that which their flame would reach as dragons need room to manoeuvre. They are expected to jump /between/ and return in the exact formation they left in.

The lowest grouping of dragons is a wing, a wing has a very minimum of 12 riders (though this is considered very small) and usually a maximum of 30.

The next grouping is a flight, each flight flies at a different level in the weyr formation and consists of 3 wings. The upper flight is that of the weyrleader, and the lowest flight includes the queens wing and injured or old riders.

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Weyrling information

Once a candidate impresses they will be a weyrling for 1 turn and then under supervision for another turn. All weyrlings dress the same in weyrling uniforms, as they are expected to leave their origins and aligences behind when they become dragonriders. When they first start delivering firestone to fighting wings in Threadfall, it is known as 'blooding'. Weyrlings will not actually graduate or fly Threadfall in a fighting wing till the weyrlingmaster deams them ready, depending on the weyrling pair, this can be as soon as they finish weyrling training, or they could be held back for as much as several months.

Gold weyrlings will recieve special training when other weyrlings recieve firestone training, they will learn about the running of the weyr and the details of everything a weyrwoman does. They also recieve information on mating flights, clutches, looking after the eggs, finding candidates, and impressions, as well as organising a hatching.

There are different types of training weyrlings are involved in these are colour coordinated.

The weyrling chores/duties include (along with all other weyr residents) are: Making clothes, casting cookware, collecting medical herbs, tending weyr flocks, cleaning latrines

Date after impression



Sevendays 1-6


Understanding how to care and look after their dragons; oiling, feeding and bathing. Communicating with dragons and understanding the emotional bond.

Sizing, selecting and bagging firestone.

Understanding and combating Thread. Threadfall.

Dragon Physiology, basic dragonhealing, taught by dragonhealers.

Tying shoulder knots.

Etiquette and duties, learning what is required and expected of weyrlings and dragonriders. Dragonrider etiquette at important occasions.

History, law and duty; Learning about how holds are bound to weyr and vis-versa, and learning to respect and understand this relationship as well as its history; Harper taught.

Making and maintaining riding straps. Weyrlings learn to make riding straps and how to size and fit them to their dragons. (must satisfy Weyrlingmaster's approval or they will continue to work on this)

Care and repair of flame-throwers, taught by Smiths.

Weyrlings start weyrling chores

Sevendays 7-12

Ground Drills

Physical training bringing all weyrlings up to the same physical level. (Rope climbing, running, etc.) Also learn 'dragon toss', where they toss and catch firestone sacs in a chain of workers at a distance of one dragon to another from person to person. This is done during threadfall to pass firestone to those transporting it to the fighting wings, this requires skill, practice and muscles.

Teamwork; marching in pairs then larger and larger groups. Will be moving in command to Weyrlingmaster's orders, the weyrlings must learn to move together.

Formations; learning threadfall formations, marching in various formations, in pairs and groups, moving to follow Weyrlingmaster's orders.

Marching smartly and in formation reacting to orders from Weyrlingmaster as a group, will be inspected and watched by a Wingleader at end of the month, and will also have to perform march in response to Wingleader's orders.

Weyrling outings (location and events decided later)

Sevendays 13-16

Flight Training

Flight theory; Learning about flying, thermals, meteorology, flight dynamics, and threadfall activity and charts.

Lessons in the dangers facing dragonriders and anyone, and how to avoid them, including good practice especially during Threadfall and flight

Dragons fly first without riders. For the first month there is light flight training, starting with a simple take off and glide only a meter or so above the ground then landing.

Weyrlings move into free weyrs

Sevendays 17-24

Flight Training

Flying higher and further alone with the Weyrlingmaster's guidance. Firstly learning to fly in pairs then in bigger groups again must respond to Weyrlingmaster's orders as a group.

Practising flying and moving in Threadfall formations

Aerial manoeuvres Games and tricks in flight to practice manoeuvrability and skills. Tossing firestone sacs in the air (see dragon toss, under ground drills).

Dodging Threadfall, Weyrlingmaster drops (fabric) Threads, dipped in dye, which weyrlings have to dodge, firstly singly then in pairs and finally together in a group.

Weyrlings start to hunt with Weyrlingmaster's dragon

Sevendays 25-32

Going /Between/

Memorising and visualising; Learn how to get image of location and memorise them, must also learn from Weyrlingmaster's dragon the visualisations for all the important locations that they are likely to need

Moving from one point within the weyr to another within the weyr, one at a time. Getting locations from Weyrlingmaster first.

Moving /between/ to a different location outside the weyr, getting locations from Weyrlingmaster first.

Visualising locations, Weyrlings go /between/ to the main places they are likely to visit to learn the /between/ points and memorise locations, as well as meet people and get to know those locations.

Practising flying /between/ in groups, and finally in wing formations.

Learning to fly /between/ immediately, practised by Weyrlingmaster dropping (fabric) threads on weyrlings, first one at a time, then in groups, a weyrling must dodge /between/ immediately but return in the same formation that they left.

Weyrlings start elevator duty (Giving lifts for visitors, riders and non-riders of the weyr from the ground to weyrs and other levels of the weyr)

Sevendays 33-36

Flaming and firestone

Starting with chewing small rocks for the dragons to get used to chewing firestone then small amounts of firestone.

Starting off with small amount of firestone and making small flames, taking turns one at a time. Finally growing to larger amounts of firestone and larger flames. Must satisfy Weyrlingmaster's approval.

Learning to feed and chew firestone during flight. Making flame during flight, singly and finally in groups, at a distance great than one dragon length.

Sevendays 37-40

Advanced flight training

Formation flying while practising dodging thread. (With dyed fabric again) but, firstly only in groups but then teams, were one team takes turns to be the one dropping or dodging. If any 'threads' hit the ground unflamed the points go against them.

Improving co-ordination, eyesight, teamwork and other aerial skills

Transport duty (lifting and moving things around the weyr)

Sevendays 41-44

Separate classes

Classes split up into separate groups depending on their potential, and are taught by someone for that specific position.

Green/Blue weyrlings: Special training and information from searchriders. Extra manoeuvrability and speed training.

Green weyrlings: Information on problems and habits of greens frequent mating flights.

Brown/Bronze weyrlings: Training for potential wingleaders and wingseconds, and brief information on weyrleader duties.

Any gold weyrlings in the clutch will already be receiving separate training.

Sevendays 45-46

Inspections by weyrleader and Weyrwoman, they will be expected to perform drills and wing formations as well as aerial skills to demonstrate the capability and ability to be safe during Threadfall.

Sevendays 47-48

All the weyrlings are tested by the respective crafters, on their knowledge of the classes covered (dragonhealing, etc.) Weyrlingmaster tests them on their dragonrider knowledge (aerodynamics, meteorology etc.)

Sevendays 49-50

Join weyrling wing, in their first threadfall (called their blooding) many get injured during this as it is in fact far more dangerous /betweening/ into a fall when you can not see what is going on where you go, than jumping /between/ and reappearing almost where you left. Many are occasional killed in this and it is one of the reasons most Weyrlingmaster's retire or returning to a fighting wing after only a short stint. The weyrling wing including older riders fly firestone into the fighting riders.

Sevendays 51-52

Weyrlings join lower ranks during threadfall

Sevendays 53-54

Weyrlings join middle ranks during threadfall

Sevendays 55-56

Weyrlings join upper ranks during threadfall

Sevendays 57+

Weyrlings receive temporary wing assignments

All weyrlings wait till a Wingleader comes to them and says the words "The weyrleader has allowed me to ride with you." At this point they GRADUATE to their final wing assignments.

However if they were expecting anything noble they are wrong, for the work only gets harder. All dragonriders have drills, the same as the weyrlings (dropping dyed fabric) and the work only gets harder. These are done mostly within a wing with teams taking turns to drop and dodge thread, some times between wings, where one wing drops the other dodges (in formation), finally very rarely when it is possible they practice between flights, this most simulates a real threadfall, as the wings fly in flight formation then.

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Dragonrider Duties

Dragonriders have several duties depending on what they do. Firstly all dragonriders usually fight thread during threadfall in the region (protected) by their weyr, and occasionally support other weyrs. Only the injured, old or otherwise unable to fight Thread do not fly threadfalls. Most dragonriders also do sweepriders, and also have wing drills, each wing also has groups with group drills, and wing meetings each sevenday. Each dragonrider job also has different duties pertaining to their position, a list of positions and their requirements is given below along with a description of each job.

Rank Requirements Description
Weyrwoman Must be a gold rider usually at least 2 turns out of weyrlinghood except in unusual circumstances. The Weyrwoman nurtures and preserves the dragons, and sustains and improves the Weyr and all its folk. A strong Weyrwoman is essential. She must supply the Weyr, foster its children, and Search for likely candidates from hall and Hold to pair with the newly hatched dragonets.
Weyrwoman's second Must be a gold rider usually with some experience Her job is basically to assist the weyrwoman, also trains under the weyrwoman as it is usually she who will take over upon the weyrwoman's death or retirement.
Weyrleader Must be a bronze rider, usually a fairly older or experienced rider though not always, the weyrleader is the rider of the bronze who wins the first mating flight of new weyrwoman, or the first mating flight after the old weyrleader dies. The weyrleader is in charge of the fighting wings during pass, he deals with drills, wing formations, and weyr formations during Threadfall.
Wingleader Must also be a bronze rider though occasionally in rare situations may be a brown rider. Must also be experienced as the position is earned and the most suitable rider for the job chosen. Their jobs are similar to those of the weyrleader however only performed for their particular wing not the whole weyr. The organise wing meetings, wing drills, and formations etc
Wingsecond Must also be a bronze rider though occasionally in rare situations may be a brown rider. Must also be experienced as the position is earned and the most suitable rider for the job chosen. Their jobs are similar to those of the weyrleader however only performed for their particular wing not the whole weyr. The organise wing meetings, wing drills, and formations etc
Wingrider These are the normal riders within the wing, they can be any colour, and every dragonrider usually becomes a wingrider when they graduate from weyrlinghood They fly thread and sweeps along with drills, meetings and other jobs etc.
Searchrider These tend to be green or blue riders, though maybe occasionally brown riders. Their dragons have a particular ability to recognise good potential dragonriders. These are not chosen on experience or rank, it is simply an ability that some dragons have, though non searchriders may easily find someone they believe owuld be a good candidate. These are the specific dragonriders that go out on 'search' when a clutch is on the sand, they find candidates that they believe will impress.
Watchrider Although they could be any colour it is unlikely that a bronzerider would be one, but they also have a habit of being the injured beyond the ability to fly Thread or old and retired. Though they may join in threadfall as well. Not all holds have watchriders some only have watchwers Watchriders are posted at holds as senturies, they would send and recieve messages from other dragons. They would also be there for rescues and other such things if needed.
Weyrlingmaster Can be any colour but more likely to be bronze or brown due to their greater intelligence and leadership abilities, must be older experienced riders to be able to train the weyrlings. Each seperate weyrling class has a specific weyrling master usually. Their duties are basically to train and teach the new weyrlings for the two turns before they graduate to fighting wings. They must teach them everything from wing formations to how to oil and feed their dragon. They again may also fight Thread though some may be very old and not able to do so.
Weyrlings These are newly impressed dragonpairs, they remain weyrlings from the time they impress for a further turns before graduating to fighting wings. As well as lessons and training; Weyrlings may be given the boring and tiring jobs or duties, they transport sacs of firestone to the waiting wingriders during threadfall, as well as other tasks. Some of which may be punishments!
Candidates Though not a dragon rider position is mentioned here as it is the best place to put it. They must be between 15 and 24 (in this club) and are people who show a particularly high level of empathy, as they comunicate mentally to dragons! This is why hear-all-dragons personas impress usually golds, because they are almost 'telepathic' to dragons. Candidates potential is recognised by a searchrider. They are usually given tasks or jobs to perform while they are at the weyr, as no one should be idle, they may do something pertaining to their particular skills or craft.

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