Red squares indicate Threadfall and the labels within them the location (list of abbreviations can be found on the guide

This is a guide to all the mating flights (green and gold), hatchings, and threadfalls for the current turn.

Green coloured names are green mating flights and gold coloured are gold mating flights, hatchings and the gold whose clutch it is are indicated in blue page)

Whether a hatching is PC or NPC will be decided closer to the time and will be on the hatching sands page.

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Greens have 3-5 mating flights a turn and are more by choice (i.e they rise when they want), golds rise only 2-3 times a turn and it usually when they are forced to by an irrisitably primal desire. Gold flights are longer faster and higher as well as more taxing and involving their riders in the flight far more than a green flight.

PP7 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Month 9 Month 10 Month 11 Month 12 Month 13
1 CRH                       NH
2   Telituth           NH LW   Elith    
3 Skornath   NH LW Welth           DMH   Welth
4     Govalath     DMH       CRH      
5 DMH       CRH                
6     Veranth             Greinth   NH LW
7             NH LW          
8   NH LW       Bytith     DMH Govalath    
9         DMH Hatching - Veranth     CRH        
10       CRH                  
11 Elith         Greinth     Telituth   NH LW  
12           NH LW     Firath      
13 NH LW Cotonath           DMH     Hatching - Veranth CRH
14       DMH       CRH     Cotonath   Firath
15     CRH       Cotonath     Moylith      
16           Moylith       NH LW    
17         NH LW             DMH
18 LW   Tubith         DMH Veranth     CRH  
19   Bytith DMH   Elith   CRH            
20 Moylith CRH             Skornath Hatching- Fezalasth     Bytith
21             Tubith   NH LW      
22       NH LW             DMH  
23           Skornath DMH       CRH    
24   DMH Greinth     CRH Fezalasth       Tubith Skornath Moylith
25 CRH                 Welth     NH
26         Telituth     NH LW        
27     NH LW     Govalath       DMH    
26           DMH       CRH     Telituth
29 DMH       CRH